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HBO's The Last of Us debuts new cast promo images, including Joel, Ellie, Bill and Frank

All for a good spores.

A series of new images promoting HBO's adaptation of The Last of Us have been released. These images show each of the main cast as their respective characters.

This includes Pedro Pascal as Joel, Bella Ramsey as Ellie, Merle Dandridge as Marlene (a role she also played in Naughty Dog's video game), Lamar Johnson as Henry, Anna Torv as Tess, Nick Offerman as Bill and Gabriel Luna as Tommy, to name but a few.

Cover image for YouTube video
The Last of Us' HBO trailer.

You can see the full set of these new images below.

Pedro Pascal as Joel Miller.
Bella Ramsey as Ellie Williams.
Nick Offerman as Bill.
Murray Bartlett as Frank.
Anna Torv as Tess.
Merle Dandridge as Marlene
Lamar Johnson as Henry.
Keivonn Woodard as Sam.
Storm Reid as Ellie's friend Riley.
Nico Parker as Joel's daughter Sarah.
Gabriel Luna as Tommy

HBO is also introducing some new characters to this adaptation. Graham Greene and Elaine Miles will both have guest roles in the series as Marlon and Florence, a "married couple surviving alone in the wilderness of post-apocalyptic Wyoming".

In addition to these new roles, it was also confirmed that Melanie Lynskey will portray a new character named Kathleen. She will reportedly be a "ruthless leader of a revolutionary movement in Kansas City", giving us yet more insight into some ways the show will deviate slightly from the game.

Meanwhile, Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson (who play Joel and Ellie in Naughty Dog's games) will also have a cameo in the show.

The Last of Us' TV adaptation will debut on 15th January in the US, which makes for a 16th January launch here in the UK.