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The Callisto Protocol patch addresses performance issues, speeds up some animations

Plus a fix to PlayStation 4 Trophies.

Dead Space spiritual successor The Callisto Protocol has been updated overnight with a fresh patch addressing some of the game's performance and stability issues.

Available now on PC, PlayStation and Xbox, the update weighs in at around 11-13GB and also adds "combat improvements... localisation optimisations and general quality of life changes".

A specific fix has been made for an issue on PS4, where the game's Trophies were not syncing. This has now been addressed.

Six notable things to know about The Callisto Protocol.Watch on YouTube

So, what's specifically changed? Well, users playing with the new patch installed report faster healing animations, plus quicker weapon switching and reloads.

There are also reports you can now skip the game's death animations - yes, those things which you're able to purchase more of as part of the game's season pass, something which previously sparked a minor kerfuffle.

Here's one user's comparison of how the game's healing looks now, compared to how it did pre-patch:

On the one hand, I get the intent to speed up the game and get you back in the action quicker. On the other, weighing up whether you have time heal (or run) is a big part of The Callisto Protocol's survival horror.

Vikki Blake recommended the game in Eurogamer's The Callisto Protocol review, writing: "Dead Space comparisons are impossible to avoid - but while The Callisto Protocol's missing some of the depth and tension, it makes up for it with production value and bloody-minded fun."

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