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Subnautica's 2.0 update brings accessibility improvements and over 800 bug fixes

Plus performance enhancements and more.

Promotional art for Subnautica showing a diver underwater surrounded by strange alien fish.
Image credit: Unknown Worlds/Krafton

Developer Unknown Worlds' superb underwater survival adventure Subnautica has just received its first major update in two years, bringing with it new building bits, performance enhancements, accessibility features, quality of life improvements, and over 800 bug fixes.

Unknown Worlds' latest update - officially titled Living Large, or 2.0 to its friends - is described as a "labour of love for the entire Subnautica team", and aims to address "a tonne of tech debt and [bring] across some improved code from Below Zero."

To that end, Living Large moves Subnautica and its follow-up Below Zero onto unified versions of Unity, enabling the developer to implement quality of life features, fix bugs, and performance improvements in Subnautica that were already available in the more recent game.

Cover image for YouTube videoSubnautica Below Zero VR Mod Gameplay Makes It Better, Down Where It's Wetter - Ian's VR Corner
Ian braves Subnautica Below Zero in VR.

These enhancements range from better subtitle syncing and save system improvements to pinned recipes and a host of new accessibility options. In the latter case, that includes UI scaling, PDA pause, and the option to disable light flashes.

And as a bonus, Subnautica players now have access to a couple of base building bits previously exclusive to Below Zero - namely, the Large Room, Glass Dome, and surface hatches.

Living Large is available now across all platforms - which is to say PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC - but Steam players who'd prefer not to upgrade (perhaps to avoid mod conflicts) can roll back to the 'legacy' version via the Properties > Beta menu.

"We really hope that all of these changes make your Subnautica experience even better than ever!," writes Unknown Worlds in its patch notes. "And as some eagle-eyed fans might have spotted, we might have some more exciting news for you in the new year."

That could well relate to the new Subnautica game announced as being in "early" development back in April. This is one of several confirmed projects currently in the works at Unknown Worlds, the other being intriguing miniatures battler Moonbreaker.