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Subnautica joins latest batch of Game Pass titles coming to Xbox One

Plus Lonely Mountains: Downhill, Minit, and more.

Microsoft has unveiled another batch of Xbox One titles coming to Xbox Game Pass in the next few weeks, with subscribers soon receiving the likes of superb underwater survival adventure Subnautica, Afterparty, and Lego Star Wars 3.

Starting today, 23rd October, Game Pass subscribers on console will be able to get their hands on Secret Neighbour, the spooky multiplayer follow-up to developer Dynamic Pixels' abstruse horror game Hello Neighbour, as well as Lonely Mountains: Downhill.

Eurogamer's Christian Donlan liked the latter enough in his review to dish out a Recommended award, calling its glorious low-poly bicycle action, perfectly balanced between soaring success and absolute calamity, "genuinely transporting".

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Then, on 24th October, comes wonderfully clever 60-second puzzle adventure Minit, followed a day later by Obsidian's soaring, satirical space RPG The Outer Worlds, which didn't particularly grab Eurogamer contributor Edwin Evans-Thirwell in his recent review. "I don't hate The Outer Worlds," he wrote, "Rather, what I hate about it is that it's sufficiently unhateful that you can spend 30 hours playing it without noticing." But perhaps you'll like it more!

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Continuing forward, 29th October brings Oxenfree developer Night School Studios' intriguing pub-crawl-through-hell narrative adventure Afterparty to Xbox Game Pass, while Halloween ushers in the distinctly unspooky Lego Star Wars 3.

Rounding out the latest Game Pass offerings is developer Unknown Worlds' wonderful underwater survival adventure Subnautica, which joins the service on 7th November.

It is, if you're unfamiliar, a magnificent thing, deftly combining the survival genre's usual open-ended scavenging ticks with a superbly paced single-player adventure across a gorgeous, and frequently terrifying, alien ocean planet. Edwin even called it "daunting and enigmatic in a way few survival sims are" in his Recommended review.

All of which should keep Xbox One players sufficiently busy until Microsoft's next bunch of Game Pass additions come around.

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