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Latest Wild Hearts trailer introduces fresh batch of behemoth Kemono

Amaterasu! Golden Tempest! More!

Developer Omega Force's creature-battler Wild Hearts is inching ever closer to its February 2023 launch, and in the run-up to its release, the developer has introduced more of its behemoth targets in a new trailer.

Wild Hearts, a collaboration between Omega Force (the studio behind the long-running Warriors series) and EA Originals, transplants the creature battling formula most closely associated with Capcom's Monster Hunter games to a fantastical feudal Japan.

This isn't Omega Force's first turn in the monster hunting genre, of course; it previously dabbled in its two Toukiden games, and Wild Hearts expands on those to introduce an experience where up to three players can seamlessly battle mysterious beasts known as Kemono.

Wild Hearts - The Mighty Kemono trailer.

So far, we've been given a look at Wild Hearts' wonderful Karakuri - magical gadgets used in combat, each unfurling from self-assembling panels of wood - as well as a diverse range of Kemono, and Omega Force's latest trailer introduces three more behemoths in the guise of the Deathstalker, Amaterasu, and Golden Tempest.

Deathstalker takes the form of a wolf merged with a tree and appears to have an affinity with ice. Amaterasu, meanwhile, is a giant, fire-breathing bird, able to attack from both the sky and the ground. As for Golden Tempest, it's something like a sabre-toothed tiger that can use huge, knotted tendrils on either side of its body to generate wind and launch itself high into the air. A few more specifics on each's fighting style can be found on the Wild Hearts website.

"See how they will use the power of nature itself against you and your fellow hunters," teases Omega Force in its announcement, "and begin to understand how you might defeat them."

Wild Hearts launches for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on 17th February next year.

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