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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Pokédex, all Pokémon locations in the Paldea Pokédex listed

Can you catch every Pokémon in Paldea?

The Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Pokédex records all of the 400 Pokémon you can encounter across Paldea.

On your Pokémon Scarlet and Violet journey, you’ll encounter new Gen 9 Pokémon, Paldean forms, legendaries and maybe even a shiny or two. Yet, don’t forget that some Pokémon will be version exclusives!

Below you’ll find all of the Pokémon in the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Pokédex listed, along with their locations.

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If you’d like to learn more about your Paldean adventure, then visit our Pokémon Scarlet and Violet walkthrough.

Scarlet and Violet Pokédex size: How many Pokémon are there in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

There are 400 Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, with each one being recorded in the Paldean Pokédex.

Remember - if you want to catch them all you’ll have to do some trading, because a number of Pokémon are version exclusives.

Gen 9 introduces 103 new creatures to the Pokémon universe, but you can also find a selection of Pokémon from past generations in Scarlet and Violet, which are listed below in the Pokédex below.

Unlike past Pokémon games, the Paldea Pokédex has the ability to collect notes on Pokémon you haven’t seen or battled yet in the game. Sometimes you’ll gather notes on a Pokémon’s evolution, but you may also gain information on a random Pokémon entirely.

While this note doesn’t reveal much about the Pokémon, it will tell you where it can be found, which makes hunting them down in Paldea’s open-world a little easier.

The Paldea Pokédex will also reward you for every 10 new entries you complete. These rewards range from different types of Poké Balls, evolution stones, Exp.Candy and items you can sell for money, like Nuggets. All of these rewards will come in handy during your Pokémon adventure, so remember to collect them!

You can visit Jacq at the Academy for additional rewards.

Finally, the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Pokédex will also record the appearance of any shiny Pokémon you encounter.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Pokédex: All new and returning Pokémon

Below lies the complete Paldean Pokédex for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet arranged in chronological order, along with the Pokémon’s types and their locations:

Num.PokémonType Evolution and Location
1SprigatitoGrassStarter Pokémon
2FloragatoGrassEvolves from Sprigatito at Level 16
3MeowscaradaGrass / DarkEvolves from Floragato at Level 36
4FuecocoFireStarter Pokémon
5CrocalorFireEvolves from Fuecoco at Level 16
6SkeledirgeFire / GhostEvolves from Crocalor at Level 36
7QuaxlyWaterStarter Pokémon
8QuaxwellWaterEvolves from Quaxly at Level 16
9QuaquavalWater / FightingEvolves from Quaquaval at Level 36
10Lechonk Normal
11OinkologneNormalEvolves from Lechonk at Level 18
Male Oinkologne:

Female Oinkologne:
13SpidopsBugEvolves from Tarountula at Level 15
15LokixBug / DarkEvolves from Nymble at Level 24
Found in Area Zero
16HoppipGrass / Flying
17SkiploomGrass / FlyingEvolves from Hoppip at Level 18
18JumpluffGrass / FlyingEvolves from Skiploom at Level 27
Found in Area Zero
19FletchlingNormal / Flying
20FletchinderFire / FlyingEvolves from Fletchling at Level 17
21TalonflameFire / FlyingEvolves from Fletchinder at Level 35
Found in Area Zero
22PawmiElectricArea Zero
23PawmoElectric / FightingEvolves from Pawmi at Level 18
Found in Area Zero
24PawmotElectric / FightingEvolves from Pawmo after walking 1000 steps in Let's Go mode and levelling up
25HoundourDark / Fire
26HoundoomDark / FireEvolves from Houndour at Level 24
28GumshoosNormalEvolves from Yungoos at Level 20 during the day
30GreedentNormalEvolves from Skwovet at Level 24
32SunfloraGrassEvolves from Sunkern using Sun Stone
34KricketuneBugEvolves from Kricketot at Level 10
36SpewpaBugEvolves from Scatterbug at Level 9
37VivillonBug / FlyingEvolves from Spewpa at Level 12
38CombeeBug / Flying
39VespiquenBug / FlyingEvolves from a female Combee at Level 21
41CorvisquireFlyingEvolves from Rookiedee at Level 18
42CorviknightFlying / SteelEvolves from Corvisquire at Level 38
Found in Area Zero
44ChanseyNormalEvolves by levelling up a Happiny holding an Oval Stone during the day
Found in Area Zero
45BlisseyNormalEvolves from a Chansey with high friendship
46AzurillNormal / Fairy
47Marill Water / FairyEvolves from a Azurill with high friendship
48AzumarillWater / FairyEvolves froma Marill at Level 18
49SurskitBug / Flying
50MasquerainBug / FlyingEvolves from Surskit at Level 22
Found in Area Zero
51BuizelWaterFound in Area Zero
52FloatzelWaterEvolves from Buizel at Level 26
Found in Area Zero
53WooperPaldean Form - Poison / Ground
Johto Form - Water / Ground

Johto Form - Trade in Cascarrafa
54ClodsirePoison / GroundEvolves from Paldean Wooper at Level 20
55Psyduck Water
56GolduckWaterEvolves from Psyduck at Level 33
Found in Area Zero
58DrednawWater / RockEvolves from Chewtle at Level 22
59IgglybuffNormal / Fairy
60JigglypuffNormal / FairyEvolves from Igglybuff with high friendship
61WigglytuffNormal / FairyEvolves from Jigglypuff using Moon Stone
62RaltsPsychic / Fairy
63KirliaPsychic / FairyEvolves from Ralts at Level 20
64GardevoirPsychic / FairyEvolves from Kirlia at Level 30
65GalladePsychic / FightingEvolves from male Kirlia using a Dawn Stone
67HypnoPsychicEvolves from Drowzee at Level 26
Found in Area Zero
68GastlyGhost / Poison
69HaunterGhost / PoisonEvolves from Gastly at Level 25
70GengarGhost / PoisonEvolves from Haunter through trading
From trade in Levincia
72MausholdNormalEvolves from Tandemaus randomly after Level 25
Form is selected randomly
74PikachuElectricEvolves from Pichu with high friendship
75RaichuElectricEvolves from Pikachu using a Thunder Stone
Found in Area Zero
77DachsbunFairyEvolves from Fidough at Level 26
79VigorothNormalEvolves from Slakoth at Level 18
80SlakingNormalEvolves from Vigoroth at Level 36
82SteeneeGrassEvolves from Bounsweet at Level 18
83TsareenaGrassEvolves from Steenee after learning Stomp at Level 28 and levelling up
84SmolivGrass / Normal
85DollivGrass / NormalEvolves from Smoliv at Level 25
86ArbolivaGrass / NormalEvolves from Dolliv at Level 35
88SudowoodoRockEvolves from Bonsly after learning Mimic at Level 16 and levelling up
90LycanrocRockFound in Area Zero
Evolves from Rockruff at Level 25:
  • Day means Midday Form
  • Night means Midnight Form
  • Evening means Dusk Form
92CarkolRock / FireEvolves from Rolycoly at Level 18
93CoalossalRock / FireEvolves from Carkol at Level 34
95LuxioElectricEvolves from Shinx at Level 15
96LuxrayElectricEvolves from Luxray at Level 30
97StarlyNormal / Flying
98StaraviaNormal / FlyingEvolves from Starly at Level 14
99StaraptorNormal / FlyingEvolves from Staravia at Level 34
100OricorioBaile Style - Fire / Flying
Pa'u Style - Psychic / Flying
Pom-Pom Style - Electric / Flying
Sensu Style - Ghost / Flying
Changes style using Red, Yellow, Pink or Purple Nectar
102FlaaffyElectricEvolves from Mareep at Level 15
103AmpharosElectricEvolves from Flaaffy at Level 30
105LilligantGrassEvolves from Petilil using a Sun Stone
107BreloomGrass / FightingEvolves from Shroomish at Level 23
108ApplinGrass / Dragon
109FlappleGrass / DragonEvolves from Applin using a Tart Apple
110AppletunGrass / DragonEvolves from Applin using a Sweet Apple
112GrumpigPsychicEvolves from Spoink at Level 32
113SquawkabillyNormal / Flying
114MisdreavusGhostViolet Exclusive
115MismagiusGhostViolet Exclusive
Evolves from Misdreavus using a Dusk Stone
117HariyamaFightingEvolves from Makuhita at Level 24
119CrabominableFighting / IceEvolves from Crabominable using an Ice Stone
120SalanditPoison / FireFound in Area Zero
121SalazzlePoison / FireEvolves from a female Salandit at Level 33
Found in Area Zero
122PhanpyGroundFound in Area Zero
123DonphanGroundEvolves from Phanpy at Level 25
Found in Area Zero
124CufantSteelArea Zero
125CopperajahSteelEvolves from Cufant at Level 34
Found in Area Zero
126GibleDragon / GroundFound in Area Zero
127GabiteDragon / GroundEvolves from Gible at Level 24
Found in Area Zero
128Garchomp Dragon / GroundEvolves from Gabite at Level 48
Found in Area Zero
129NacliRockFound in Area Zero
130NaclstackRockEvolves from Nacli at Level 24
Found in Area Zero
131GarganaclRockEvolves from Naclstack at Level 38
Found in Area Zero
132Wingull Water / Flying
133PelipperWater / FlyingEvolves from Wingull at Level 25
135GyaradosWater / FlyingEvolves from Magikarp at Level 20
137BarraskewdaWaterEvolves from Arrokuda at Level 26
139GulpinPoisonViolet Exclusive
140SwalotPoisonViolet Exclusive
Evolves from Gulpin at Level 26
141MeowthKanto Form - Normal
Galarian Form - Steel

Galarian Form - Receive from Salvadore after completing the Languages lessons at the Academy
142PersianNormalEvolves from Meowth at Level 28
143DrifloonGhost / FlyingScarlet Exclusive
144DrifblimGhost / FlyingScarlet Exclusive
Evolves from Drifloon at Level 28
145FlabébéFairyFive different flower colours
146FloetteFairyEvolves from Flabébé at Level 19
Five different flower colours
Area Zero
147FlorgesFairyEvolves from Floette using a Shiny Stone
Five different flower colours
149DugtrioGroundEvolves from Diglett at Level 26
Found in Area Zero
151NumelFire / GroundFound in Area Zero
152CameruptFire / GroundEvolves from Numel at Level 33
Found in Area Zero
153BronzorSteel / Psychic
154BronzongSteel / PsychicEvolves from Bronzor at Level 33
156FraxureDragonEvolves from Axew at Level 38
157HaxorusDragonEvolves from Haxorus at Level 48
159PrimeapeFightingEvolves from Mankey at Level 28
160AnnihilapeFighting / GhostEvolves from Primape after Rage Fist, learned at Level 35, has been used 20 times
161MedititeFighting / PsychicFound in Area Zero
162MedichamFighting / PsychicEvolves from Meditite at Level 37
Found in Area Zero
164LucarioFighting / SteelEvolves from Riolu with high friendship during the day
166ArmarougeFire / PsychicScarlet Exclusive
Evolve from Charcadet using Auspicious Armor
167CeruledgeFire / GhostViolet Exclusive
Evolve from Charcadet using Malicious Armor
168BarboachWater / Ground
169WhiscashWater / GroundEvolves from Barboach at Level 30
170TadbulbElectricFound in Area Zero
171BelliboltElectricEvolves from Tadbulb using a Thunder Stone
Found in Area Zero
173SliggooDragonEvolves from Goomy at Level 40
174GoodraDragonEvolves from Sliggoo at Level 50 during the rain
175CroagunkPoison / Fighting
176ToxicroakPoison / FightingEvolves from Croagunk at Level 37
177WattrelElectric / Flying
178KilowattrelElectric / FlyingEvolves from Wattrel at Level 25
180VaporeonWaterEvolves from Eevee using a Water Stone
Found in Area Zero
181JolteonElectricEvolves from Eevee using a Thunder Stone
182FlareonFireEvolves from Eevee using a Fire Stone
183EspeonPsychicEvolves from Eevee with high friendship during the day
Found in Area Zero
184UmbreonDarkEvolves from Eevee with high friendship during the night
Found in Area Zero
185LeafeonGrassEvolves from Eevee using a Leaf Stone
186GlaceonIceEvolves from Eevee using an Ice Stone
187SylveonFairyEvolves from Eevee which knows a Fairy-type move and has high friendship
188DunsparceNormalFound in Area Zero
189DudunsparceNormalEvolves by levelling up Dunsparce after learning Hyper Drill at Level 32
Form randomly selected
Found in Area Zero
190DeerlingNormal / Grass
  • Spring Form - South Provinces
  • Summer Form - East Provinces
  • Autumn Form - West Provinces
  • Winter Form - North Paldea
191SawsbuckNormal / GrassEvolves from Deerling at Level 34
  • Spring Form - South Provinces
  • Summer Form - East Provinces
  • Autumn Form - West Provinces
  • Winter Form - North Paldea
192GirafarigNormal / PsychicFound in Area Zero
193FarigirafNormal / PsychicEvolves by levelling up Girafarig after learning Twin Beam at Level 32
Found in Area Zero
195MukPoisonEvolves from Grimer at Level 38
197MabosstiffDarkEvolves from Maschiff at Level 30
198ToxelElectric / Poison
199ToxtricityElectric / PoisonEvolves from Toxel at Level 30 into either Amped Form or Low Key Form depending on nature
200DedenneElectric / Fairy
202ShroodlePoison / Normal
203GrafaiaiPoison / Normal
Evolves from Shroodle at Level 28
205FoongusGrass / Poison
206AmoongussGrass / PoisonEvolves from Foongus at Level 39
208ElectrodeElectricEvolves from Voltorb at Level 30
210MagnetonElectricEvolves from Magnemite at Level 30
211MagnezoneElectric / SteelEvolves from Magneton using a Thunder Stone
Found in Area Zero
214ArcanineFireEvolves from Gowlithe using a Fire Stone
216UrsaringNormalEvolves from Teddiursa at Level 30
219Swablu Normal / FlyingFound in Area Zero
220AltariaDragon / FlyingEvolves from Swablu at Level 35
Found in Area Zero
222GogoatGrassEvolves from Skiddo at Level 32
Found Area Zero
223TaurosPaldean Form - Fighting
Scarlet (Blaze Breed) - Fighting / Fire
Violet (Aqua Breed) - Fighting / Water
Paldea Form:

Blaze (Scarlet Exclusive) and Aqua Breed (Violet Exclusive):
Paldea Form (Combat Breed):

Blaze Breed:

Aqua Breed:
224LitleoFire / Normal
225PyroarFire / NormalEvolves from Litleo at Level 35
226StunkyPoison / DarkScarlet Exclusive
227SkuntankPoison / DarkScarlet Exclusive
Evolves from Stunky at Level 34
229ZoroarkDarkEvolves from Zorua at Level 30
230SneaselDark / IceFound in Area Zero
231WeavileDark / IceEvolves from levelling up a Sneasel holding a Razor Claw at night
Found in Area Zero
232MurkrowDark / FlyingFound in Area Zero
233HonchkrowDark / FlyingEvolves from Murkrow using a Dusk Stone
Found in Area Zero
235GothoritaPsychicEvolves from Gothita at Level 32
236GothitellePsychicEvolves from Gothorita at Level 41
237SinisteaGhostPhony and Antique forms available
238PolteageistGhostEvolves from a Sinistea with a Cracked Pot if Phony form or Chipped Pot if Antique form
239MimikyuGhost / Fairy
240KlefkiSteel / Fairy
241IndeedeePsychic / Normal
242BramblinGrass / Ghost
243BrambleghastGrass / GhostEvolves from Bramblin after walking 1000 steps in Let's Go mode and levelling up
244ToedscoolGround / Grass
245ToedscruelGround / GrassEvolves from a Toedscool at Level 30
246TropiusGrass / Flying
248LurantisGrassEvolves from Fomantis at Level 34 during the day
251ScovillainGrass / FireEvolves from Capsakid using a Fire Stone
253CacturneGrass / DarkEvolves from Cacnea at Level 32
Found in Asado Desert
255RabscaBug / PsychicEvolves from Rellor after walking 1000 steps in Let's Go mode and levelling up
256VenonatBug / Poison
257VenomothBug / PoisonEvolves from Venonat at Level 31
Found in Area Zero
259Forretress Bug / SteelEvolves from Pineco at Level 31
260ScytherBug / Flying
261ScizorBug / SteelEvolves from Scyther when traded holding a Metal Coat
262HeracrossBug / Fighting
264EspathraPsychicEvolves from Flittle at Level 35
Found in Area Zero
266HippowdonGroundEvolves from Hippopotas at Level 34
Found in Asado Desert
267SandileGround / Dark
268KrokorokGround / DarkEvolves from Sandile at Level 29
269KrookodileGround / DarkEvolves from Krokorok at Level 40
271SandacondaGroundEvolves from Silicobra at Level 36
Found in Asado Desert
273MudsdaleGroundEvolves from Mudbray at Level 30
274LarvestaBug / Fire
275VolcaronaBug / FireEvolves from Larvesta at Level 59
Found in Area Zero
276BagonDragonViolet Exclusive
277ShelgonDragonViolet Exclusive
Evolves from Bagon at Level 30
278SalamenceDragon / FlyingViolet Exclusive
Evolves from Shelgon at Level 50
279TinkatinkFairy / Steel
280TinkatuffFairy / SteelEvolves from Tinkatink at Level 24
281TinkatonFairy / SteelEvolves from Tinkatuff at Level 38
283HattremPsychicEvolves from Hatenna at Level 32
284HatterenePsychic / FairyEvolves from Hattrem at Level 42
285ImpidimpDark / Fairy
286MorgremDark / FairyEvolves from Impidimp at Level 32
287GrimmsnarlDark / FairyEvolves from Morgrem at Level 42
289WugtrioWaterEvolves from Wiglett at Level 26
290BombirdierFlying / Dark
292PalafinWaterUse a Union Circle and then level up Finizen to Level 38 or above
Form changed when called into battle
Zero Form:

Hero Form:
293VaroomSteel / Poison
294RevavroomSteel / PoisonEvolves from Varoom at Level 40
295CyclizarDragon / Normal
297SableyeDark / GhostFound in Area Zero
299BanetteGhostEvolves from Shuppet at Level 37
301HawlunchaFighting / FlyingFound in Area Zero
302SpiritombGhost / DarkFound on Glaseado Mountain
303NoibatFlying / Dragon
304NoivernFlying / DragonEvolves from Noibat at Level 48
305DreepyDragon / GhostViolet Exclusive
Found in Area Zero

306DrakloakDragon / GhostViolet Exclusive
Evolves from Dreepy at Level 50
Found in Area Zero
307DragapultDragon / GhostViolet Exclusive
Evolves from Drakloak at Level 60
308GlimmetRock / PoisonFound in Area Zero
309GlimmoraRock / PoisonEvolves from Glimmet at Level 35
Found in Area Zero
310Rotom Electric / Ghost
311GreavardGhostFound in Area Zero
312HoundstoneGhostEvolves from Greavard at Level 30 during the night
Found in Area Zero
313OranguruNormal / PsychicScarlet Exclusive
314PassimianFightingViolet Exclusive
316LarvitarRock / GroundScarlet Exclusive
317PupitarRock / GroundScarlet Exclusive
Evolves from Larvitar at Level 30
318TyranitarRock / DarkScarlet Exclusive
Evolves from Pupitar at Level 55
319StonjournerRock Scarlet Exclusive
320EiscueIceViolet Exclusive
322SandygastGhost / Ground
323PalossandGhost / GroundEvolves from Sandygast at Level 42
324SlowpokeWater / Psychic
325SlowbroWater / PsychicEvolves from Slowpoke at Level 37
326SlowkingWater / PsychicEvolves from Slowpoke when traded holding a King's Rock
  • West Sea Form - Cortondo
  • East Sea Form - East Province Area One and South Province Area Five
328GastrodonWater / GroundEvolves from Shellos at Level 30
  • West Sea Form - Casseroya Lake
  • East Sea Form - North Province Area One
330CloysterWater / IceEvolves from Shellder using a Water Stone
331QwilfishWater / Poison
334LumineonWaterEvolves from Finneon at Level 31
335BruxishWater / Psychic
337SkrelpPoison / WaterScarlet Exclusive
338DragalgePoison / DragonScarlet Exclusive
Evolves from Skrelp at Level 48
339ClauncherWaterViolet Exclusive
340ClawitzerWaterViolet Exclusive
Evolves from Clauncher at Level 37
342EelektrikElectricEvolves from Tynamo at Level 39
343EelektrossElectricEvolves from Eelektrik using a Thunder Stone
North Province - Area One
344MareaniePoison / Water
345ToxapexPoison / WaterEvolves from Mareanie at Level 38
346FlamigoFlying / FightingFound in Area Zero
348DragonairDragonEvolves from Dratini at Level 30
349DragoniteDragon / FlyingEvolves from Dragonair at Level 55
North Provine - Area Two and Casseroya Lake
350SnomIce / Bug
351FrosmothIce / BugEvolves from Snom with high friendship during the night
Found in Area Zero
352SnoverGrass / Ice
353AbomasnowGrass / IceEvolves from Snover at Level 40
354DelibirdIce / Flying
356BearticIceEvolves from Cubchoo at Level 37
358GlalieIceEvolves from Snorunt at Level 42
359FroslassIce / GhostEvolves from female Snorunt using a Dawn Stone
362CetitanIceEvolves from Cetoddle using an Ice Stone
364AvaluggIceEvolves from Bergmite at Level 37
365RuffletNormal / Flying
366BraviaryNormal / FlyingEvolves from Rufflet at Level 54
Found in Area Zero
367PawniardDark / SteelFound in Area Zero
368BisharpDark / SteelEvolves from Pawniard at Level 52
Found in Area Zero
369KingambitDark / SteelEvolves from a Bisharp holding a Leader's Crest after defeating three Bisharps which are surrounded by Pawniard and then levelled up
370DeinoDark / DragonScarlet Exclusive
Found in Area Zero
371ZweilousDark / DragonScarlet Exclusive
Evolve from Deino at Level 50
Found in Area Zero
372HydreigonDark / DragonScarlet Exclusive
Evolve from Zweilous at Level 64
373VeluzaWater / Psychic
375TatsugiriDragon / Water
376Great TuskGround / FightingScarlet Exclusive
Area Zero - Underground Biome after completing The Way Home
377Scream TailFairy / PsychicScarlet Exclusive
Area Zero - Grass and Underground Biome after completing The Way Home
378Brute BonnetGrass / DarkScarlet Exclusive
Area Zero - Grass and Underground Biome after completing The Way Home
379Flutter ManeGhost / FairyScarlet Exclusive
Area Zero - Cave and Underground Biome after completing The Way Home
380Slither WingBug / FightingScarlet Exclusive
Area Zero - Grass Biome after completing The Way Home
381Sandy ShocksElectric / GroundScarlet Exclusive
Area Zero - Near Research Station 1 after completing The Way Home
382Iron TreadsGround / SteelViolet Exclusive
Area Zero - Underground Biome after completing The Way Home
383Iron BundleIce / WaterViolet Exclusive
Area Zero - Grass and Underground Biome after completing The Way Home
384Iron HandsFighting / ElectricViolet Exclusive
Area Zero - Grass and Underground Biome after completing The Way Home
385Iron JugulisDark / FlyingViolet Exclusive
Area Zero - Cave and Underground Biome after completing The Way Home
386Iron MothFire / PoisonViolet Exclusive
Area Zero - Grass Biome after completing The Way Home
387Iron ThornsRock / ElectricViolet Exclusive
Area Zero - Underground Biome after completing The Way Home
388FrigibaxDragon / Ice
389ArctibaxDragon / IceEvolve from Frigibax at Level 35
390BaxcaliburDragon / IceEvolve from Arctibax at Level 54
391GimmighoulGhostScattered across Paldea in reoccuring locations
392GholdengoSteel / GhostEvolve from Gimmighoul after collecting 999 Gimmighoul Coins
393Wo-ChienDark / GhostLegendary Pokémon
Grasswither Shrine - South Province (Area One)
394Chien-PaoDark / IceLegendary Pokémon
Icerend Shrine - West Province (Area One)
395Ting-LuDark / GroundLegendary Pokémon
Groundblight Shrine - Socarrat Trail
396Chi-YuDark / FireLegendary Pokémon
Firescourge Shrine - North Province (Area Two)
397Roaring MoonDragon / DarkScarlet Exclusive
Area Zero - in the hidden cave by the tree left of Research Station 3 after completing The Way Home
398Iron ValiantFairy / Fighting Violet Exclusive
Area Zero - in the hidden cave by the tree left of Research Station 3 after completing The Way Home
399KoraidonFighting / DragonScarlet Exclusive
Legendary Pokémon
Added to Pokédex after finishing the main campaign
Second Koraidon found behind Zero Lab after finishing The Way Home
400Miraidon Electric / DragonViolet Exclusive
Legendary Pokémon
Added to Pokédex after finishing the main campaign
Miraidon found behind Zero Lab after finishing The Way Home

Good luck completing the Paldean Pokédex and, if you need more help on your adventure, visit our Pokémon Scarlet and Violet walkthrough.

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