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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet differences, from version exclusive Pokémon to professors

Which edition are you going for?

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, in keeping with tradition, have a list of differences to take into account.

The biggest is version exclusive Pokémon that can only be caught in a specific game – either Pokémon Scarlet or Violet – and, if you’re a Pokédex completionist, the only way to get these Pokémon is to trade with someone who’s playing the opposite version to you.

This has happened since the very beginning of the francise, with opposites like Scyther and Pinsir, or Magmar and Electabuzz being fan-favourites to this day.

Pokémon are not, however, the only Pokémon Scarlet and Violet differences - which we'll outline on this page.

On this page:

Jump into a Paldean Journey | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon VioletWatch on YouTube

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet differences at a glance

Here's a quick round-up of differences between the two games.

  • Exclusive Pokémon: From Koraidon and Miraidon which grace the box art, to established dragons such as Larvitar and Bagon and their evolutions, each version will a small pool of exclusive Pokémon to find. This also includes a pool of future or past versions you can only find in the end game region of Area Zero.
  • Aesthetics: Scarlet is red and Violet is purple, and Scarlet takes a more prehistoric feel, while Violet looks to be more futuristic.
  • Traversal: Koraidon and Miraidon have slightly different ways of traversing the map.
  • Pokémon Professors: These are Sada in Scarlet and Turo in Violet.
  • Acadamies: Naranja in Scarlet with an orange crest and Uva in Violet with a purple crest.
  • The Books: Version-exclusive books that contain records from a long-ago expedition, showing version-exclusive Pokémon.
Koraidon (left) and Miraidon (right). Image credit: | Image credit:

At the time of writing, it’s unknown whether travelling to the opposite version using Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s co-op mode will grant you the chance to catch exclusive Pokémon. Sadly, we’ll have to wait for the game’s launch to test this - but fingers crossed that's the case.

Pokémon Scarlet exclusive Pokémon

Below you’ll find all of the currently confirmed Pokémon which will be appearing exclusively in Pokémon Scarlet in the run up to launch.

ArmarougeFire / Psychic

Tauros (Blaze Breed)Fighting / FireTBC
StunkyPoison / Dark

SkuntankPoison / Dark

DrifloonGhost / Flying

DrifblimGhost / Flying


SkrelpPoison / Water

DragalgePoison / Dragon

LarvitarRock / Ground
PupitarRock / Ground
TyranitarRock / Dark
DeinoDark / Dragon

ZweilousDark / Dragon

HydreigonDark / Dragon

Great Tusk (past version of Donphan)Ground / FightingSee below video
Scream Tail (past version of Jigglypuff)Fairy / PsychicSee below video
Brute Bonnet (past version of Amoonguss)Grass / DarkSee below video
Flutter Mane (past version of Misdreavus)Ghost / FairySee below video
Slither Wing (past version of Volcarona)Bug / FightingSee below video
Sandy Shocks (past version of Magneton)Electric / GroundSee below video
Roaring Moon (past version of Salamence)Dragon / DarkSee below video
Koraidon (past version of Cyclizar)Fighting / Dragon

If you want to see all past (Scarlet exclusive) and future (Violet exclusive) creatures in the latter end of this table, watch the following video from Nintendo Unity on YouTube:

Watch on YouTube

Pokémon Violet exclusive Pokémon

Here are all of the currently confirmed exclusive Pokémon for Pokémon Violet, which we’ll add to as more are announced:

CeruledgeFire / Ghost
SalamenceDragon / Flying


Tauros (Aqua Breed)Fighting / WaterTBC






DreepyDragon / Ghost


DrakloakDragon / Ghost


DragapultDragon / Ghost


Iron Treads (future version of Donphan)Ground / SteelSee above video
Iron Bundle (future version of Delibird)Ice / WaterSee above video
Iron Hands (future version of Hariyama)Fighting / ElectricSee above video
Iron Jugulis (future version of Hydreigon)Dark / FlyingSee above video
Iron Moth (future version of Volcarona)Fire / PoisonSee above video
Iron Thorns (future version of Tyranitar)Rock / ElectricSee above video
Iron Valiant (future version of Gallade)Fairy / FightingSee above video
Miraidon (future version of Cyclizar)Electric / Dragon

Other version differences between Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Exclusive Pokémon are not the only version differences you’ll find in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, although it is understandably the one that players will care most strongly about.

Koraidon or Miraidon

The big difference between the two versions of any Pokémon generation is the box legendaries, and in Gen 9 the Legendary Pokémon are Koraidon and Miraidon.

You'll get the respective one at the start of the game, and is used to glide, swim, climb and dash around the game.

Koraidon (top) and Miraidon (bottom) have three ways of helping you traverse the Paldea region. Image credit: | Image credit:

The Scarlet Book and the Violet Book

Beyond the main exclusive Pokémon that you'll find out and about, as per Pokémon tradition, there is a new version-exculsive item, the Scarlet Book and the Violet Book that will help you track down a version-exclusive Pokémon.

These Pokémon are Great Tusk in Scarlet and Iron Treads in Violet. These names are notably non-Pokémon-y, so whether they become the Category and they reveal their actual names upon encounter remains to be seen!

According to, the Scarlet Book “describes how this savage monster [Great Tusk] attacked the expedition team with its large body and tusks, mortally wounding one of the explorers.”

The Scarlet Book tells of the monster known as Great Tusk. Image via | Image credit:

Meanwhile, the Violet Book tells how “it is said that when this monster [Iron Treads] curls its body and rolls to attack, it leaves a trail gouged into the ground, as if it had scorched the earth.”

The Violet Book tells of the monster known as Iron Treads. Image via | Image credit:


Professors Sada and Turo.

Beyond the Pokémon themselves, the biggest difference is the Pokémon professor you’ll befriend – you’ll meet Professor Sada in Pokémon Scarlet and Professor Turo in Pokémon Violet. This is the first time that the two versions in a given generation have different professors.

Both professors are researching the lore of the Paldea region, but their choice of clothing is quite different. Sada favours a prehistoric look, with a fur trim on her lab coat, and Turo wears a futuristic jumpsuit, which looks like it was inspired by Tron Legacy.

These clothing choices reflect how both game’s are themed are a different period of time; for Pokémon Scarlet, it’s the past, and, for Violet, the future.

Certain details about the Pokémon Academy you attend will also differ depending on the version you’re playing. Amongst these differences includes the emblem, the uniforms and the name – either Naranja Academy or Uva Academy. The polyglots among you will have already spotted that these are the Spanish for 'orange' and 'grape' respectively.

Certain details about the Pokémon Academy will different depending on the version you play.

Even Calvell, the academy’s director, will have a different coloured uniform depending on which version you’re playing!

Even Calvell's jacket will be a different colour.

The art released as part of the game’s marketing shows contrasting uniforms for your Trainer, too, with orange in Scarlet and purple in Violet; however, most Pokémon games these days allow you to change your outfit. How this plays out in this generation remains to be seen.

Have fun during Pokémon Scarlet and Violet!

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