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Marvel's Midnight Suns PC users are bypassing the 2K Launcher for better results

Wanda if it'll help you?

Fans of Marvel's Midnight Suns on PC are recommending users bypass of the game's 2K Launcher to improve the game's performance.

A long reddit thread of experiences from players writing on r/Games lists numerous experiences of frame-rate issues and long load times even on high-end PC setups - only to see them improved without the 2K Launcher active.

Bypassing the launcher is not as simple as hitting uninstall - 2K clearly wants you to run its software as part of the game's startup. Still, the thread has a point-by-point list of instructions for those who do want to give it a go.

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Eurogamer's Ian takes a look at Marvel's Midnight Suns.

In short, the method involves replacing the path Steam uses to boot the game - skipping the 2K Launcher entirely when you load it from your library.

Users say this has boosted frame-rate and cut load times.

"I can confirm this works," one said. "I was running the game at a consistent 60+ FPS on my high end machine and getting animation stutters down to less than 20fps during combat whenever I activated an ability."

"This really works," another user replied. "My game was close to unplayable. Stutters, horrible loading, crashes, generally poor performance. Disabled 2K, different game. Now it's a solid 80+ FPS at all times with only the occasional stutter when loading."

Another user wrote that the same method had helped improved their experiences with fellow 2K releases such as BioShock and The Quarry.

"Midnight Suns is not a particularly graphics heavy game (nor is Bioshock Remastered), so if someone with a RTX 3090 is struggling to get a decent frame rate, something is VERY broken with the 2K launcher."

Our Chris Donlan recommended Marvel's Midnight Suns in Eurogamer's review, calling the game a "great tactical fun nestled in a sweet-natured superhero dollhouse".