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Sonic Frontiers races to 2.5m sales in first month

Ahead of free DLC next year.

Sonic Frontiers has sold 2.5m copies worldwide, just over a month after it released on 8th November.

The news was shared by Sega on its official Japanese website and Twitter account.

In comparison, total sales of the Sonic franchise over the previous financial year were 5.8m, meaning Sonic Frontiers has achieved almost half of that in one month. 2017's well received Sonic Mania reached 1m sales in one year.

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There's still plenty of content to come for Sonic Frontiers players. Three free updates are planned for 2023 and will include a photo mode, new challenges, and story content. Players will also receive a free Holiday Cheer Suit on 21st December, a sharp red jacket and Santa hat to celebrate the Christmas period.

There's also the upcoming Sonic Prime series which will start airing this Thursday, 15th December, on Neftlix. The first episode has already premiered in Roblox, and can be watched through the platform until 16th December.

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