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Tesla rolling out Steam integration in cars

Sounds a wheely bad idea.

When he's not changing Twitter daily to suit his fancy, Elon Musk is also the CEO of Tesla.

Remember when he wanted to put video games in Teslas back in 2018? Well, he's steered closer to his goal thanks to the newly-announced Steam integration rolling out.

Yes, you can now play games on Steam on a Tesla. Not just Cuphead and Sonic, but also Cyberpunk 2077! And Elden Ring (with a build that doesn't make any sense)!

Thousands of games in your Tesla.Watch on YouTube

The integration is being rolled out as part of Tesla's holiday update, and is in beta for the company's S and X models from 2022. Fear not, those of you who have earlier models, for Musk has stated retrofit will be available.

The update's release notes say that any game which is verified on Steam Deck can be played, and cloud saves are supported.

Whilst the video trailer states wireless controllers are supported, Musk has tweeted to say that keyboard and mouse can be hooked up too.

Almost a year ago, Tesla was investigated by the US National Highways annd Traffic Safety Administration over its Passenger Play feature. Tesla responded by making Passenger Play "unusable" whilst the car is in motion. Presumably the same restrictions are implemented for Steam, too.

Making video games playable in a vehicle probably still isn't a wise decision, but it doesn't look like Tesla is putting the brakes on anytime soon.

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