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Elon Musk wants to put video games in Teslas

He's asking for sub-missions.

Elon's been tweeting again - but this time instead of insulting rescue workers, he's looking for game developers who want to create games for Tesla cars.

According to his latest comments, Musk wants Teslas to have games which "integrate the centre touch screen, phone & car irl," which sounds like a lot of fun, and also a really easy way to start a 10-car pile-up.

When asked by a Twitter user if this would look something like Pokémon Go, Musk replied that he'd like something similar to the mobile game, but with more of an "adults in cars anime vibe". Who knows whether this wacky idea will actually work in practice. But then, that's very on-brand for Musk.

What we do know is that Teslas should be getting at least three Atari games in the next Tesla V9.0 release. One of these includes the game Pole Position, which Musk wants to see "linked to [the] actual car steering wheel" (but only when the car is stationary). He also wants to see Tempest and Missile Command added. I hope Musk doesn't plan on using real missiles.

Musk is now looking for developers to create custom games for the Tesla, and is asking for developers to submit their previous work for consideration. These will apparently be evaluated on the criteria of "max playability & creativity". Some companies have already started offering their work to Musk, such as the developer of the Jackbox party quiz games, which tweeted it would be interested in converting its games to the Tesla car model. Even PlayerUnknown got involved in pitching ideas, with Brendan Greene tweeting he'd like to see a "top trumps style" card game for the Tesla.

Others were less serious about the call for developers, and started suggesting their own ideas - this is the internet, after all. Jackson Ryan suggested it was only a matter of time before Bethesda got in touch to port Skyrim to the Tesla. Zoe Quinn jokingly threw her hat into the ring, tweeting "hire me you coward". Personally, I think a submarine simulator would work quite nicely for the Tesla.

In any case, the first of the video games for Tesla (the three Atari titles) should arrive in the next software update, which is due later this month. Will Musk's vision of an integrated custom-made game for Teslas come to fruition?

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