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Sonic the Hedgehog will become playable via Tesla

Please don't go fast.

Sega's original Sonic the Hedgehog game will soon become playable via Tesla in-car screens.

Its the latest game to join the Tesla in-car games service, which is compatible with USB controllers. The move comes after a new partnership between the Elon Musk car company and Sega.

Of course, the comparisons between Tesla and Sonic make for an easy brand hookup. One can be wild, out of control, and controlled via computer - and the other... well, you get my drift.

Cover image for YouTube videoSonic Frontiers - Announce Trailer

Over the years, numerous games have become available to play via Tesla - including Cuphead, and The Witcher 3. With Cuphead, at least, you could only play while parked or charging - which is common sense.

Last month, the UK government finally announced plans to make playing games while driving illegal - at least while using a mobile phone.

Sonic's been pretty busy of late, and popped up twice at last week's Game Awards. There we got our best look yet at Sonic Frontiers, which features the series' "first ever open zone", and got a new trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie.