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Discover "the creative process" behind Dying Light 2's soundtrack

"I am grateful to Techland for allowing me to explore music like never before."

Techland has released a four-part video detailing "the creative process" behind Dying Light 2 Stay Human's soundtrack.

Chopped up into bite-sized chunks, the documentary follows BAFTA-nominated composer Olivier Deriviere as he "takes you through his creative process to reveal the intricate and powerful music that brings this highly anticipated game to life".

Dying Light 2 Stay Human - Behind The Music - Episode 1: OVERVIEW.Watch on YouTube

The episodic videos take you through collaboration with the team at Techland to rehearsals with the London Contemporary Orchestra to "create an enthralling soundtrack".

"The best part for me was the number of players who got in touch with me directly to express their excitement about the music," Deriviere says. "They told me about all the emotions that they felt while parkouring, fighting, building the world, and discovering the story.

"This was all that I could hope for - for players to enjoy and be immersed in the music and feel like it contributed to their gameplay immensely. I am still in awe to have received such positive feedback, more than that, I am grateful to Techland for allowing me to explore music in Dying Light 2 like never before."

Other videos in the series explore how Deriviere developed the "perfect score for parkour sequences", "enhancing narration", and "elevating action-packed fight scenes".

Bloody Ties, Dying Light 2's long-awaited first chunk of story DLC, is out now.

The first of two bits of story DLC currently confirmed as part of Dying Light 2's five-year journey of post-launch support, Bloody Ties takes players to The Carnage Hall, an old opera house said to be the "epicentre of death, wealth and absolute splendour". Here, they'll find "challenges and quests, surprising new weapon types, character interactions, and discoveries to uncover."

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