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Techland puts the feelers out on a potential Dying Light 3

No brainer.

Dying Light 2
Image credit: Techland

Techland has put the feelers out on a potential Dying Light 3.

In the week of the release of rival zombie kill 'em-up Dead Island 2, Dying Light franchise director Tymon Smektała took to Twitter to poll followers:

"if we do DL3, would you be most excited if the main hero was (as a 'profession'):

  • just a Survivor
  • Nightrunner
  • Pilgrim
  • GRE Agent (turned good)

(42.8 percent voted for the GRE Agent.)

Smektała prefaced the tweet by insisting it's not a Dying Light 3 announcement, but of course it seems likely given the success of the previous games in the series. And Techland simply breathing the possibility of the existence of Dying Light 3 on social media suggests it's in the works in some form.

Ian and Aoife have a spoiler-free chat about Dying Light 2.Watch on YouTube

Dying Light launched in 2015 and was a huge success - so much so that Techland supported the game with new content for years. Dying Light 2 launched in 2022 after a number of delays.

Hopefully, if Techland does move forward with Dying Light 3, it doesn't take seven years to come out.

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