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Bloober Team working on new survival horror IP with Take-Two's Private Division

Not due before 2025.

Bloober Team - the studio behind psychedelic horror hits including Layers of Fear, Observer, The Medium, and Blair Witch - has announced a new partnership with Take-Two publishing label Private Division that'll see it creating a new survival horror IP.

Announced as part of Private Division's fifth anniversary celebrations, the new project is said to be in "early development" for unnamed platforms. Further details are scant to the point of non-existent, but Bloober has confirmed we won't be seeing the fruits of its efforts for quite some time, with a launch not expected before 2025.

In a statement accompany today's announcement, Bloober CEO Piotr Babieno referred to the unnamed project only as an "exciting new survival horror game", saying it "will help us become a leader in the horror industry at large".

Bloober's next title, Layers of Fears, is due to arrive "early" next year.

Bloober, of course, already has plenty on its slate, with the studio currently adapting The Medium for TV while also being hard at work on the long-rumoured but only recently confirmed remake of Konami's beloved horror classic Silent Hill 2 - which arrives on PC and PS5 at some currently unspecified future point.

The studio is also putting the finishing touches to Layers of Fears, a shiny new-gen remake of its two Layers of Fear games, bundled into a single "psychedelic horror chronicle" that'll also incorporate a "brand-new story chapter". This is due to launch on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S "early" next year.

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