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Modern Warfare 2 free multiplayer access period starts today

Lock and load.

A quick PSA for those keen to try out some of Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer offerings but who don't fancy splashing their cash on the full game: its free access period begins today.

This free access will run until 19th December, and offers three maps and four modes to play through.

The maps in question are Shipment (a new arrival to the game - more on that in a second), Farm 18 (which is a Shoothouse inspired number) and El Asilo. Meanwhile, the four modes are Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Domination, and Kill Confirmed. These can be played in first and third-person.

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As for Shipment's arrival in the game, veteran players will notice that a few changes have been made to this classic map, the most notable being that it is no longer set on land. Rather, it is now on a cargo ship "navigating treacherous international waters".

The developer promises this version of the map will give players a "more grounded combat experience", as it now features "fewer mantling and vantage points". You can see a little preview of Shipment in the header image above.

Farm 18 and El Asilo are both medium-sized maps "with arenas that are each focused around a large central building". In Farm 18, this is a training facility, while in El Asilo it is an asylum.

Please note, and per the Modern Warfare 2 development team, an additional download is required for you to play.

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