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Xbox addresses lack of Game Awards presence, promises "incredibly exciting" 2023

"We have a lot planned to show and share."

Last week, it was The Game Awards. This annual event is a chance for developers and publishers to showcase their upcoming slate of games, with a smattering of awards in there as well.

However, following this year's show, many couldn't help but notice that Microsoft's offerings seemed remarkably sparse.

In fact, all we really got was a little 'games here and games coming in 2023' teaser from the team, but nothing particularly firm. Despite this being the ideal opportunity to do so, we still have not had specific release dates announced for the likes of Starfield or Redfall - two of Xbox's biggest upcoming exclusives.

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This left many feeling short changed, especially following Sony's comparatively bumper year.

Xbox has now addressed those feeling a bit let down, promising that despite appearances 2023 will be an "incredibly exciting year" for its fans.

Resharing Microsoft's promotional Game Pass reel, Xbox exec Aaron Greenberg stated the team has "a lot planned to show and share" for next year.

"Appreciate folks are eager to learn and see more," he wrote. "Timing is always key, but don't worry you will not have to wait too long for what's next from us."

Part of Microsoft's muted presence at The Game Awards may well have something to do with its ongoing endeavour to purchase Activision Blizzard.

Microsoft has repeatedly downplayed its importance in the market over the last 10 months in a bid to appease regulators. As recently as November, Microsoft admitted that Sony has more exclusive games that are "better quality" than its own.

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