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Fireworks puzzler Fantavision returns to PSVR2 day one

Rocket launch.

Japan Studio's PS2 classic puzzle game Fantavision will return next year on PSVR2.

A launch game for the console, it involves matching coloured fireworks and exploding them in chains for a long combo - and impressive display.

Now it's set to return as Fantavision 202X as a launch title for Sony's next VR headset.

Cover image for YouTube video47 MORE CONFIRMED PSVR 2 Games - Playstation VR2 New Release Announcements - Ian's VR Corner
Playstation VR2 New Release Announcements - Ian's VR Corner

As revealed on the PlayStation Blog, this new game is being developed and published by Cosmo Machia Inc. in Unreal Engine.

Once again, players will be tasked with matching fireworks, but the headset and controller should make for a more immersive experience by aiming at fireworks directly and triggering them with haptic feedback.

A replay mode will be available in addition to the single-player mode.

Fantavision 202X will release on 22nd February 2023, the same day as PSVR2.

Other games from Japanese studios are also included in the PlayStation Blog.

That includes sword-fighting action Altair Breaker, co-op Japanese steampunk adventure The Tale of Onogoro, rhythm game Kizuna AI - Touch The Beat!, investigation game Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate from the creators of Tokyo Chronos, and multiplayer tactical shooter X8.

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