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Final Fantasy 16 will include torture, prostitution and drug use, among other mature themes

Release date likely soon.

Final Fantasy 16 has now been rated in Brazil by the Sistema de Classificação Indicativa Brasileiro, which states the game is "not recommended for children under 16 years old".

As a result of the classification, speculation is growing that the release date of Final Fantasy 16 may be revealed soon.

What's more, producer Naoki Yoshida is set to appear at The Game Awards next week with a "very special live presentation".

Final Fantasy 16 "Ambition"Watch on YouTube

A document alongside the Brazilian rating lists the likes of nudity, prostitution, drug use, suicide, torture, and gratuitous violence as elements in the game.

Trailers for the game have already received an M rating, and Yoshida has previously said this will be a more mature entry in the series.

The classification now gives a stronger indication of what that mature content will be, which certainly seems in-line with the gritty Game of Thrones medieval fantasy vibe.

This isn't the first time prostitution has been included in a Final Fantasy game though - fans of Final Fantasy 7 will be aware of Don Corneo and the infamous Wall Market section of the game.

Final Fantasy 16 is currently set for release in summer 2023, but expect more news soon.