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Baldur's Gate 3, Street Fighter and Lost Ark developers discuss.

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Lost Ark's December Update is "Wreck the Halls" and it's available now


Lost Ark's festive Wreck the Halls update is now live.

As well as ushering in the Summoner Advanced class - which brings a "powerful variety of water, lightning, earth, and more unique attacks" to the MMORPG - we'll also meet the "cunning and ruthless" Phantom Legion Commander and get a new Guardian raid that takes on Caliligos, "the master of lightning", too.

Cover image for YouTube videoLost Ark: Wreck the Halls | December Update
Lost Ark: Wreck the Halls | December Update.

"Caliligos is the master of lightning, commanding blue lightning to bring his enemies to their knees," Amazon teases, confirming that he will join the gauntlet of Level 6 Guardians and an Item Level on 1490 is required to challenge him.

"His wings are as swift as wind, and the power of blue thunderbolts concentrate in his horn, sharper than any spears, to pierce the hearts of his enemies. As a ruler of the skies, he was worshipped in the past as a god. But Caliligos is no god - he’s a cruel ruler of the sky and a ruthless guardian."

As for Brelshaza, Commander of the Phantom Legion? Amazon says it'll be "an immersive and challenging" eight-player Raid spanning "six unique gates and encounters".

We'll also see new Tier 3 Progression Materials, higher level South Vern "Void" Chaos Dungeons, and Hard T3 Cube & Boss Rush activities as well as a new Neria’s Wardrobe, a festive Holiday Event, and a new accessory type: the Bracelet.

The new Bracelet accessory increases character stats, and whilst it boasts perks, it doesn’t have Engravings slotted into it like other accessories because they have fixed bonuses and granted bonuses instead.

For the full details, head on over to the official website.

Amazon and developer Smilegate recently outlined their plan for Lost Ark with a new development roadmap. From now until the end of the year, the team is hoping to introduce three new raids - Mystic Abyss Vycas Legion, and Achates Trial Guardian - as well the Reaper Advanced class in November, and the Summoner Advanced class in December.

In the Lost Ark Eurogamer review, we said: "action-packed dungeons make Lost Ark's early stages a real romp, but without a convincing hook beyond the combat, things get a little stale".

And don't forget that a host of familiar faces from The Witcher are headed to Lost Ark, including Geralt, Yennefer, Triss, Dandelion and Ciri. Players in Lost Ark's home country of South Korea can play this crossover now, while those elsewhere will get to explore the area in January 2023.