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Lost Ark's newest update, The Art of War, is now live

The "issue gating the release of The Art of War" has now been "resolved".

Lost Ark's newest update, The Art of War, is now live.

The update not only includes the new advanced class, The Artist, but also Tulubik Battlefield, where players "have the chance to determine the fate of Rowen and earn rewards in 48v48 Realm versus Realm matches".

We also get the chance to dip into Progression Events – including the Punika Powerpass, Hyper Express Plus and Story Express events – all of which will run from 15th March to 14th June inclusively – the third Ark Pass, Arkesia Grand Prix, "as well as several quality-of-life updates and balance changes".

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Don't forget, you need to be Faction Rank 3 and Item Level 1490 to enter Tulubik Battlefield. If you do meet that criteria, just head to the "Rowen Battlefield" icon on the minimap – it'll be under Welcome Challenge – or go to the battlefield entrance at either Regarbank Great Plains or Fighter’s Haven. You can also enter from other places like major cities and your Stronghold, too.

You can also get involved in the Arkesia Grand Prix and participate in a little Naruni Racing. It's been over a year since the event's Western debut, so if you fancy winning some event coins and joining six other players in a 7v7 race, drop by the Arkesia Grand Prix Manager to find out more.

Amazon has also confirmed that the "issue gating the release of The Art of War" has now been "resolved".

"Ultimately, our in-game moderation system required additional configuration resulting in the anticipated delay conveyed in earlier messaging," the team explained in a brief addendum to a forum post. "The revisions have passed our QA review, and we're on track to deliver the content based on our original schedule. Thanks for playing Lost Ark and enjoy the new Artist class!"

Amazon Games recently outlined a little more about Lost Ark's all-new advanced class, Artist, including an explanation about why it chose to "make localisation updates" that modified Artists skins to make them less sexualised and "better fit Western norms".

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