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Lost Ark's The Witcher crossover comes to the west in January

UPDATE: Ciri for yourself next week.

UPDATE 11/1/23: Lost Ark's The Witcher crossover event will take place next week, from 17th to 22nd January, it has now been confirmed.

This limited-time event - which originally ran in the game's Korean version last year - will let you meet with Geralt and a crew of familiar faces on a fresh island, and unlock a treasure trove of Witcher-themed items. More on all that below.

Geralt and the gang rock up in Lost Ark.

ORIGINAL STORY 2/12/22: A host of familiar faces from The Witcher are headed to Amazon's MMORPG Lost Ark.

The collaboration will bring a limited-time The Witcher island to the game, with Geralt, Yennefer, Triss, Dandelion and Ciri along for the ride.

Players in Lost Ark's home country of South Korea can play this crossover now, while those elsewhere will get to explore the area in January 2023.

A press release promises "a puzzle that spans time and space" surrounding the appearance of Geralt and co, as well as the ability to acquire various Witcher cosmetics, including "new character customisation scars, cards, stronghold structures, emojis and more".

Lost Ark launched via Steam outside of South Korea back in the spring to a spike of interest, and a steady rollout of content ever since.

"How long this romping will continue, as the hulking MMO heart of the game comes into view, I don't know," our Bertie wrote after giving Lost Ark a go. "But I've seen a bit of it and it hasn't dampened my enthusiasm yet. I'm still powerful, I'm still smashing the lights out of anything that comes before me. So, I'm still impressed. Lost Ark is blowing up and I can totally see why."

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