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Lost Ark's May update rolls out next week - here's what's new

"Don't get too complacent, your odyssey isn't over."

Lost Ark's May update will roll out on 10th May, 2023.

As part of Amazon Games' commitment to "regularly bring new content each month to Lost Ark players in the West", this month's update includes the fifth Warrior Advanced Class and female Berserker, The Slayer, and a heap of progression events to enable you to "quickly level up".

Lost Ark: May / June 2023 UpdateWatch on YouTube

"Slayer proudly takes her place as one of the most powerful warriors," Amazon Games teases. "Leverage her speciality Bloodlust skill to decimate hordes of demon warriors. Then find your way to Wisdom Isle. You'll need the knowledge you've gathered from previous quests to put the pieces together and uncover the path to the final piece of the ark.

"Before you can complete your journey, you'll face Kayangel in an intense Abyssal Raid. After all that hard work, you'll need a minute to kick back and relax, head to the beach and decompress — but don't get too complacent, your odyssey isn't over."

We'll also get Punika Powerpass, which – as it allows players to bring an alternate character into the game once the continent storyline has been completed – should be familiar to those who've used North Vern Powerpasses from the launch version of Lost Ark, plus new Item Level 1340 gear, Hyper Express Event II, and engraving support system.

"The Slayer and progression events aren’t all Amazon Games and Lost Ark have planned for the May – Ebony Cube releases along with quality of life updates, new player improvements, and some very special cosmetics!" Amazon adds.

As part of its first anniversary celebrations, Lost Ark recently gave us a lowdown on the game's most surprising statistics, including confirmation that players died to Guardians far more than the other way around, with 1,672,050,487 player deaths against 99,281,741 dead Guardians.

As for PvP? Across 16,294,441 PvP matches, we killed each other 192,894,473 times, and dealt out - wait for it – 29,695,327,291,260 damage.

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