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Lost Ark publishes its "End of 2022" roadmap

Jump the Ark.

Amazon Games has outlined its plan for MMO Lost Ark with a new development roadmap.

From now until the end of the year, the team is hoping to introduce three new raids - Mystic Abyss Vycas Legion, and Achates Trial Guardian - as well the Reaper Advanced class in November, and the Summoner Advanced class in December.

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"The next few months mark the road to the Brelshaza Legion Raid — one of the most challenging, unique, and beautifully dangerous raids in all of Lost Ark," the team explains.

"As we head toward the climactic battle against the Phantom Legion Commander, new raids will be added in October for the heroes in Arkesia to hone their teamwork, skills, and ability to overcome unique mechanics, and new progression events to provide upgrade materials and progression opportunities. December will bring Brelshaza alongside a host of other content to end the year with a bang!"

The Mystic Abyss and Achates Trial are coming in October, alongside Vykas Legion's "Inferno difficulty", which is "all about proving you're among the best of the best in Arkesia".

Looking ahead, Amazon Games says its "excited to see players vanquish the myriad of threats arriving in the coming months as they grow their skills in challenging activities and grow their rosters with new Advanced Classes and earn impactful rewards to help progression".

The update stresses that these are just "some of the highlights" of what's to come and is "not a comprehensive list of every change arriving in Arkesia over the next few months", but it at least offers a sneaky peek into the team's priorities for the months ahead.

In the Lost Ark Eurogamer review, we said: "action-packed dungeons make Lost Ark's early stages a real romp, but without a convincing hook beyond the combat, things get a little stale".