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Brink developer Splash Damage developing Transformers: Reactivate

As company acquires Battalion 1944 studio Bulkhead.

Brink and Gears Tactics developer Splash Damage is working on a new Transformers game for PC and consoles, which will launch in closed beta next year.

Transformers: Reactivate was shown last night at The Game Awards 2022, with a fresh trailer you can see below. The project is being designed as an online action game for one to four players where you play as some of the franchise's most iconic characters. And yes, you can transform between a vehicle and a bot (obviously!)

The news comes alongside word that Splash Damage has acquired Bulkhead, the UK studio behind World War 2 shooter Battalion 1944, which is also working on Transformers: Reactivate.

A first look at Transformers: Reactivate.Watch on YouTube

"It's a new era," Bulkhead wrote on Twitter today. "We are proud to be a part of Splash Damage. To be acquired by a developer of the games we grew up playing is an honour. Everyone at Bulkhead is ready to show the world what we're capable of with the right partner. Let's make some f****** sick shooters."

That line about working with "the right partner" is interesting in the context of Bulkhead's previous partnership with Square Enix. It was announced in August this year that Bulkhead and Square Enix had parted ways, with the long-awaited console versions of Battalion 1944 cancelled.

The studio's now-retitled Battalion: Legacy is now available for free via Steam.

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