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Hero racer Disney Speedstorm delayed into next year


Hero racing game Disney Speedstorm has been delayed into next year.

Revealed at Nintendo's February Direct, the free-to-play game from Gameloft was originally due this year, but will now release in 2023 on PC and consoles.

News of the delay was shared on Twitter in a message to fans.

Disney Speedstorm - Nintendo Direct 2.9.22

"We have been working diligently to craft an amazing racing experience for Disney Speedstorm, capturing our vision of the exciting magic fans enjoy in their favourite Disney and Pixar characters and games. We want fans to not only be entertained, but to enjoy a fast-paced and competitive racing experience they will return to play for years to come," reads the message.

"With this in mind and after careful consideration, we have decided to delay the worldwide release of Disney Speedstorm to meet our expectations and provide players with a more immersive racing experience, customisation offerings, game modes and more."

Gameloft states it appreciates feedback from players of the beta earlier this year and the community for their invaluable feedback.

In the meantime, Gameloft is busy with Disney Dreamlight Valley - its next update is due next week and adds Stitch, Toy Story characters, winter outfits and more.

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Disney Speedstorm

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