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ToeJam and Earl film in the works at Amazon


Cast your mind back to the early 90s and you may recall two aliens with a love for funk music crash landing on earth. These aliens were ToeJam and Earl, and their initial crash landing here (all via the Sega Mega Drive) resulted in their names being elevated to somewhat of a cult status in the industry.

Now, over 30 years since their first landing, ToeJam and Earl will soon be coming to a new medium. Yes, these two aliens will be joining the likes of Lara Croft, Nathan Drake and Mario, who have all made the transition to the big screen.

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Per The Hollywood Reporter, a new feature film from Amazon based on ToeJam and Earl's video game escapades will be heading our way sometime in the future. This upcoming project will be written by Amos Vernon and Nunzio Randazzo, whose previous work includes Hotel Transylvania 4. Meanwhile, basketball player Stephen Curry will also be producing the project through his production company Unanimous Media.

Dmitri M. Johnson and Dan Jevons from production banner Story Kitchen will work alongside Curry and Erick Peyton, with Story Kitchen's Mike Goldberg co-producing.

In addition to these names, Story Kitchen's Timothy I. Stevenson, Unanimous' Jenelle Lindsay, and ToeJam and Earl veterans Mark Voorsanger and Greg Johnson will executive produce.

Here's a little synopsis of the project so far:

"Earth, their legends tell them, is the Paradise where the music that created their culture originated. Unfortunately for our heroes, not only do they wreck their ship, but they find that Earth is . . . well, not the haven they expected. But the music - that part was true. So begins their quest to find as much of that music as they can in the hope of saving their planet, and maybe ours as well."

I am sure, on its release, this film will be out of this world...

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