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Disney Dreamlight Valley patch addresses Switch performance, now Steam Deck verified

Toy Story and Stitch content goes live today.

Today's big Disney Dreamlight Valley does more than add content themed around Toy Story and Lilo and Stitch - it also brings some welcome performance improvements, tweaks and bug fixes.

Patch notes promise "optimised game stability on all platforms" but for Nintendo Switch in particular, where developer Gameloft has put a "considerable focus" this time around.

The popular Disney life sim is now fully compatible with Steam Deck and verified by Steam.

You... are... a... toy!Watch on YouTube

Fun tweaks include the ability to light fireplaces (without worrying about your fuel bill), buy iron ingots from Kristoff (which will save a lot of mining grind) and find wood easier in each biome.

Loading times and game installation sizes have been cut, and there's been work done to reduce the chances of frame-rate drops caused by certain animations.

You can find the full list of patch notes, including fixes for some progression-blocking mission bugs, over on the game's official site.

For most players, though, today's update is more notable for bringing Woody, Buzz and Stitch to the game as villagers for your valley. There's a new questline to follow, and you'll be able to visit a fresh Toy Story realm themed around Andy's bedroom from the first Toy Story film.

Disney Dreamlight Valley launched a couple of months ago in early access, and today marks its second major seasonal update. I've dabbled a fair bit - it's fun and scratches that Animal Crossing itch.

You can buy the game now on PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox, or play it via Xbox Game Pass.