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How iRacing is making up for lost ground with its big 2023 update

Looking forward to the festive brake.

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As we stumble bleary-eyed to the end of a post-Game Awards Friday, there was a temptation to highlight one of the many starry reveals from this morning’s show. Death Stranding 2 feels like something of a dream game, giving Hideo Kojima a chance to refine some of the brilliant ideas of the original while folding in a narrative informed by the painful past few years (like so many of Kojima’s games, Death Stranding proved powerfully prescient before the pandemic hit). Armored Core 6 is another wonderful piece of wish fulfilment, while there were exciting debutants in the likes of Viewfinder, Post Trauma and Crime Boss: Rockay City.

But, true to contrary type and in another edition of What *I’ve* Been Playing, I wanted to talk about the big new release that’s captured my imagination this week.

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