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Skyrim mod adds Bioware-style companions and over 9000 lines of dialogue

Shepard me some of that!

A new "DLC-sized" Skyrim mod bring nine Bioware-style companions into the game, along with a new quest line which includes over 9000 lines of dialogue.

Warden of the Coast is heavily inspired by the game mechanics of Mass Effect and Dragon Age, with a storyline featured around stopping a Daedric Lord from entering the world from Oblivion.

All nine companions have their own unique loyalty questlines and of course are fully voiced.

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Most importantly, it wouldn't be a Bioware game without some lovemaking, so the mod also has seven romance questlines.

The main story has five different endings and will take 10-15 hours to complete. There will also be two new world spaces and 19 new interiors.

The mod only works with Skyrim Special Edition (or newer) and currently only supports PC.

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The developer also plans to update the mod with the ability to marry your romantic partner following completion of the requisite quest.

As to why the developer would release such a sizeable mod free of charge, the bottom of the mod page suggests they are using this mod to showcase their abilities in hopes of gaining a job at Bioware. I wish them the best of luck!