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Skywind, the Morrowind rebuilt in Skyrim mod project, looks great in new gameplay video

It's a kind of magic.

Image credit: TESRenewal

The people behind Skywind have released an impressive new gameplay video.

Skywind is the ambitious mod project that rebuilds Bethesda's much-loved 2002 role-playing game The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind in the Skyrim engine.

Work on Skywind has gone on for years now, but this latest video, below, shows the project is coming along nicely. It shows 20 minutes of new footage, including new world spaces, creatures, environment assets, voice lines, item descriptions, user interface improvements and spells, and revolves around a quest from the original game called Necromancer in Mawia.

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In the gameplay, we get a good look at exploration in the Molag Amur region, combat and, in particular, spellcasting as the player makes their way to the top of a tower and a showdown with a naughty necromancer.

"Videos like Necromancer in Mawia take a colossal amount of work and co-ordination to put together, but they also accelerate development as we scramble to get every aspect of the video implemented and polished," the team said.

"Still, some keen viewers might notice gaps - missing dialogue, floating objects, or placeholders from Skyrim. There's space for extra contributors in a number of different roles detailed on our website, and we're always keen to welcome more team members to speed us on our way."

Skywind has no set release date, and there's plenty more work to do. "Skywind is a labour of love, and we take every opportunity to share our progress with the public," the team said.

"We're keen to release as soon as we have something stable and playable, but a game this big is a monumental task, and progress from a volunteer team is totally dependent on our contributors' free time.

"This makes it impossible to estimate when we'll be finished, and since a missed release date would be a disappointment for everyone, our mantra is 'it'll be done when it's done'. Progress marches on!"

Morrowind is a game I've often thought would do well from an official remake. Alas, Bethesda seems busy with the upcoming Starfield, The Elder Scrolls 6 and Fallout 5. But with The Elder Scrolls 6 seemingly years out, perhaps a remaster of a game from the studio's impressive back catalogue would help with the wait.

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