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Elden Ring multiplayer Colosseum update available tomorrow

Would jewel believe it.

Surprise! Elden Ring is finally getting its long-expected Colosseum mode in a free update - and it arrives for PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles tomorrow, 7th December.

Elden Ring publisher Bandai Namco confirmed the news via Twitter this afternoon with a brief trailer showing the new update in action.

The update promises multiplayer action where you can fight alongside friends to take on the game's Colosseum, or fight against them in new PVP modes.

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Elden Ring's long-awaited Colosseum update arrives tomorrow.

This update has been a long time coming, with hints at its existence discovered months ago by fans poking around in Elden Ring's files.

Indeed, boundary-breaking videos have already given players a peek inside the colosseum structure courtesy of prolific dataminer Lance McDonald - this is one to be found in Limgrave, to the east of Stormveil Castle.

Other colosseums can be seen jutting out from Caelid's coastline, and set high above Leyndell, the Royal Capital.

Bandai Namco has remained schtum on it all until now.

Scratch this off the list of things we were expecting at The Game Awards later this week - unless there's... more?