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Boundary breaking video hints at possible Elden Ring DLC

Inside the colosseum.

A new boundary breaking video takes a peek inside Elden Ring's colosseum, which might be used for DLC.

Shared by Lance McDonald, who's known for hacking Bloodborne, the video shows the inside of the colosseum that's inaccessible in the game.

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It can be found in Limgrave, to the east of Stormveil Castle. Outside, players are invaded by an AI player and receive finger items used for multiplayer. A ghostly figure sits outside and questions why the door won't open.

All of this hints at some sort of multiplayer mode in future. Previous Souls games have included a PVP mode, something that's not yet included in Elden Ring.

The video takes us through the front door of the colosseum and its dark inner tunnels into what is clearly a battle arena. Lifts at either side of the arena lead to nowhere, perhaps used as an entrance for combatants in a cut scene.

Other colosseums have also been spotted around the world map - there's one to the east, for example, with a giant pot outside.

DLC is yet to be announced for Elden Ring, though it's been a staple of the Souls series. The colosseum certainly seems to point to some sort of new content, if its huge "sumptuous open world" isn't enough for you.

Check it out for yourself below.

Watch on YouTube

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