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More Elden Ring PVP DLC evidence surfaces

Could we see colosseum battles?

New evidence has been discovered that points towards PVP DLC coming to Elden Ring.

As found by dataminer Sekiro Dubi, the latest update to the game includes data for text banners that read "You Win", "You Lose", "Draw", and "Begin Match".

Elden Ring players have long speculated on the empty colosseums in the game and the potential for a future PvP mode - is this now on the way? Sekiro Dubi thinks so.

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The dataminer also spotted that there's space in the files for a further 30 bosses. That doesn't mean we'll definitely see 30 bosses, but it seems there's potential for plenty more content to come.

Previously, dataminers spotted suggestions that new legacy dungeons may be added in future.

That's on top of potential visual improvements like ray-tracing options in menu strings.

It's widely rumoured that DLC is on the way for the game, especially considering FromSoftware's history of DLC support in its games. Will more details be revealed at The Game Awards at the end of the year?

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