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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Sea of Thieves Hourglass of Fate is here and Rare's introductory video is a work of art

"This thing's rated delicious!"

Rare has revealed - in what just may be the greatest developer update video I've seen this year - how Sea of Thieves' all-new PvP Hourglass of Fate works.

"Do YOU want PvP?" cries John McMurtrie, Sea of Thieves' head of video production. "Do you? Are you ready for the thrill of battle?" There's a pause for a knuckle kiss.

Do YOU want PvP? | The Hourglass of Fate | Sea of Thieves.Watch on YouTube

"Ugh, skeletons, I don't want them, I want real players," McMurtrie adds. "I want to fight people people!"

"This thing's rated -" pauses for a finger lick " - delicious! It's your portal to on-demand pirate versus pirate action. You've just gotta spin it! Then press that button. If your ship's prow's alight, then you're seeking a fight!

"If you don't want to wait for foes to dance the bloodshed ballet, then unfurl the war map, set sale, and take a dive."

The video adds that by using "special technology", the team can matchmake you against pirates "with an opposing world view", and as they're "real pieces of work", it's up to you to "make them pay", pirate.

"So with so much new stuff in Sea of Thieves Season 8, that's why we need to ask –" and the video cuts off there.

"This is my favourite thing you guys have ever created," said one commenter, whilst another added: "Forget season 8, this is the best thing Rare has ever made."

Sea of Thieves Season 8 promises to be a bonanza for battle-hardened pirates, with Rare's Season 8 breakdown detailing not just its exhaustive new "PvP on demand", but also two new Alignment categories for Captains with associated cosmetic rewards. Perhaps most exciting, though, are the bonuses players receive upon reaching a certain threshold in their chosen faction.

Season 8 arrived on 22nd November and introduced the map's first-ever sprawling port town, with Golden Sands outpost getting a major makeover following players' decision to save it from destruction earlier this year.