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Xbox adding ability to pre-download updates

Rolling out with Sea of Thieves.

Jack Sparrow in Sea of Thieves
Image credit: Rare/Xbox Game Studios

Microsoft is adding the ability to pre-download game updates before their scheduled release.

The feature, which is already available on PlayStation, allows you to download hefty game updates days before their release. Then, when the update is formally released, the update simply installs - meaning less wait time to get playing.

Microsoft has begun rolling out the feature to those in the Alpha ring of Xbox Insider testers, before it filters down to more people and eventually becomes public in the coming weeks.

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The first game to take advantage of update pre-downloading will be the Insider build of Rare's nautical online multiplayer title Sea of Thieves.

While the whole process should all happen behind the scenes, you'll be able to check the status of any pre-downloaded updates from the My games & apps > Manage > Updates menu.

In other recent Xbox update news, Microsoft has now added the ability to use your mouse and keyboard with Xbox Cloud Gaming on web browsers, beginning with 25 games.

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