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Grand Theft Auto 5 PS5 and Xbox Series X/S ray-tracing patch now live

Alongside GTA Online's big Lost Santos Drug Wars update.

Grand Theft Auto 5 now features ray-tracing on both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, thanks to the game's new 1.64 update that's available to download now.

The patch adds ray-traced reflections when playing using the game's 30fps Fidelity Mode, allowing for details such as vehicles and characters to be shown on reflective surfaces such as windows and in water.

Fly a helicopter past a skyscraper and you'll now see your ride reflected in its glass. Zoom along Los Santos' neon-drenched waterfront in your jet ski, and you'll be able to see its lights reflected in the waves. Neat!

GTA Online: Los Santos Drug Wars .Watch on YouTube

Of course, there's much, much more to the patch for GTA Online, including six new story missions featuring the familiar Ron and the new drug-pushing Fooligan faction.

There's also a new social space which acts as a hub for the new storyline, the ability to run a mobile acid lab, fresh jobs for the Fooligans, eight new vehicles and hundreds more pieces of clothing.

This week's update marks the first in a series of new narrative dollops featuring the Drug Wars storyline, with more to come in 2023.

Nine years on, Rockstar's venerable GTA Online still shows no signs of slowing down - which is just as well, as GTA 6 looks to still be several years away.

What's it like to play these days? Jake Green reported back from the virtual drug wars frontline earlier this summer in our GTA Online State of the Game roundup.

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