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How to get Crabrawler and evolution Crabominable in Pokémon Go

How to catch the boxing crab.

Crabrawler and Crabominable, its evolution, are two Gen 7 Pokémon who debuted in Pokémon Go during the Season of Mythical Wishes.

Released during the Mythic Blade event in Pokémon Go, Crabrawler is a fighting-type Pokémon, but, once evolved into Crabominable, you’ll have a fighting and ice-type on your hands.

Below you’ll learn how to get Crabrawler and evolve it into Crabominable in Pokémon Go.

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How to get Crabrawler in Pokémon Go

Crabrawler made its first appearance in Pokémon Go on Tuesday, 6th December during the Mythic Blade event.

Crabrawler will be appearing more frequently in the wild throughout the Mythic Blade event.

Since this is currently the only way to catch Crabrawler, we highly recommend going out and tracking one down before the event ends on Sunday, 11th December at 8pm (local time).

We also, at the time of writing, don’t know the spawn rates for Crabrawler after the Mythic Blade ends, so there’s a chance that, like other recently released Pokémon, it will be quite hard to find.

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How to evolve Crabrawler into Crabominable in Pokémon Go

To evolve Crabrawler into Crabominable in Pokémon Go, you need 50 Crabrawler Candy and be close to a PokéStop where a Glacial Lure Module has been used.

While Crabrawler is a fighting-type, Crabominable is a fighting and ice-type Pokémon.

Due to Mythic Blade being quite a short event, you only have a small window to easily collect the required candy for Crabrawler’s evolution. For this reason, you’ll want to use a Pinap Berry whenever you attempt to catch one to double your catch candy. You can also earn extra candy by making a Crabrawler your buddy Pokémon!

When it comes to the Glacial Lure Module, you can either use it on a PokéStop yourself or find a stop where another player has already used said Module. Once you’re in range of the PokéStop, head to your chosen Crabrawler in the Pokémon Storage and you’ll see that the option to evolve it is now available.

If you’d prefer to use the Glacial Lure Module yourself, it’s important to remember that, if you don’t already have one in your bag, you’ll have to purchase it from the in-game shop for 180 PokéCoin. These Lure Modules are occasionally rewarded from research quests and, with the Pokémon Go winter holiday events on the horizon, there’s a chance we’ll be able to receive a Glacial Lure Module from said event’s quests.

Yet, if you’d like to save your PokéCoin but want a Crabominable as soon as possible, you can try talking to Pokémon Go groups in your local area. There’s a chance another player will mention placing a Glacial Lure Module at a specific PokéStop, so others can use it.

Good luck adding both Crabrawler and Crabominable to your Pokédex!