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January 2013 Archive

    1. Swery is interested in setting Deadly Premonition's follow-up in Europe. Producer suggests Hitchin
    2. Penny Arcade Episode 4 will be exclusive to PC and XBLIG
    3. Amazing crossover trailer imagines if all games were Hotline Miami
    4. Gorgeous papercraft adventure Lume gets a sequel with Lumino City
    5. "Real gamer" Duncan Jones to helm 2015 Warcraft movie
    6. Capcom: "there is a possibility" of Resident Evil series reboot
    7. Grand Theft Auto 5 release date is 17th September
    8. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Revolution review
    9. Indie dev makes game about his s***** day job, gets fired
    10. A F2P, multiplayer, cross-platform PS3 and Vita game
    11. Grid 2 fires up for May 31st UK release date
    12. Rapturous new BioShock Infinite trailer soars
    13. EA boss: games industry must "wrestle" with perception of gun violence issue
    14. The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia review
    15. LittleBigPlanet dev unfurls gorgeous Tearaway trailer
    16. PlayStation Vita-exclusive Killzone: Mercenary gets release date, new trailer
    17. Nintendo: no plans for Wii U price cut
    18. Sine Mora lead collaborating on another Japanese-Hungarian shmup for 2014
    19. Already greenlit point-and-click horror game Asylum takes to Kickstarter
    1. EA to shutter the Medal of Honor brand following Warfighter's "well below expectations" sales
    2. US Senator calls video games "a bigger problem than guns"
    3. Free game Surgeon Simulator 2013 is like QWOP for surgery
    4. Steam Greenlight update adds loads of new options
    5. Dirty Bomb enters closed alpha as Splash Damage releases new gameplay video
    6. Splinter Cell Blacklist's torture scene is cut
    7. Microsoft's 64GB Surface Pro has just 23GB usable storage
    8. Sniper Elite V2 coming to Wii U in May, according to online shops
    9. Crysis 3 open beta available on EU PlayStation Store today
    10. Prison Architect Alpha 6 update sorts the most dangerous from the most in danger
    11. Trion confirms Defiance release date
    12. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 in-game Twitch broadcasting enabled on Xbox 360
    13. Google will donate 15,000 Raspberry Pi computers to UK schools
    14. Ragnarok Online publisher acquires No More Heroes developer Grasshopper Manufacture
    15. ArmA dev announces turn-based strategy spin-off Arma Tactics
    16. Sleeping Dogs: Year of the Snake DLC details leak
    17. Warren Spector issues impassioned farewell to shuttered Junction Point
    18. The deleted scenes of Doom
    19. Ubisoft: "Prince of Persia is being paused"
    20. A Game of Thrones' King's Landing remade in Minecraft and it is amazing
    21. Two images emerge from Mass Effect 3's upcoming DLC
    22. Dust 514's new frontier
    23. Blizzard: UFC-style reality shows could propel eSports into the mainstream
    24. The Last of Us directors talk pressure of creating a new Naughty Dog success
    25. Nintendo cuts Wii U sales forecast by 1.5 million, says console having "a negative impact on profits"
    26. Escape Goat 2 announced for PC
    27. Ex-Gas Powered Games dev starts his own Kickstarter for survival/base-building game Roam
    1. Warren Spector's Junction Point shuttered
    2. Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut shows off its newly enhanced gameplay
    3. Miyazaki won't be directly involved in Dark Souls 2, doesn't want too many sequels
    4. Monaco creator thinks Kickstarter stretch goals are "bulls***"
    5. Wargaming purchases F.E.A.R. 3 studio for $20 million
    6. Dan Houser tries to sell lavish $10 million New York penthouse for sixth time in a year
    7. 36 recently laid off Vigil staff now at Crytek
    8. Dead Space 3 will feature an unlockable Hardcore mode with permadeath
    9. Sony confirms Soul Sacrifice release date
    10. First Rogue Star gameplay shows off space combat and trading indie game
    11. The "Denpa" Men: They Came by Wave review
    12. Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes review
    13. New Rebellion PC game out on 14th Feb, but what is it?
    14. It's official: new 128GB iPad 4 out in February
    15. Nintendo's Wii U sales struggle
    16. Greg Zeschuk reflects on leaving BioWare for beer
    17. Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC live stream
    18. Visceral doesn't want Dead Space 3 to be better on PC
    19. Facts and figurines: Is there more to Disney Infinity than a Skylanders clone?
    20. Pacotti releases improved version of Cell: emergence as disease sim hits Steam Greenlight
    21. Rare veteran George Andreas leaves Microsoft for Sony
    1. New Dreamcast shooter The Ghost Blade due later this year
    2. Little Inferno bursts onto iPad this week
    3. Super Meat Boy-esque platformer 14px now permanently free on Android
    4. Fox shamelessly steals Still Alive composer's song for Glee
    5. What Dean Hall thinks about DayZ Origins, an ArmA 2 mod he didn't make
    6. Digital Foundry seeking freelance contributors
    7. The Walking Dead: Assault review
    8. Eve Online: when 3000 players collide
    9. Gears of War: Judgment demo announced
    10. Wave Trip review
    11. Heavy Rain composer Normand Corbeil dies of cancer aged 56
    12. UK chart: DmC dumped to fourth as chart returns to normality
    13. UK chart: DmC Devil May Cry launch sales are just a third of Devil May Cry 4's
    14. Where the road takes you: investigating Kentucky Route Zero
    1. DmC PC - the definitive Devil May Cry experience?
    2. Devil May Cry 3 retrospective
    1. Tech Analysis: God of War: Ascension demo
    2. This week on Outside Xbox
    3. Saturday Soapbox: Buy-to-let gaming
    4. Chompston is a free mix of Pac-Man and Bomberman tied to music
    1. Treasure Adventure Game getting remade as Treasure Adventure World
    2. Downton Abbey reimagined as an SNES game
    3. Splinter Cell Blacklist Collector's Edition comes with a remote controlled plane
    4. Sony releasing red and blue limited edition PS3s next month in the UK
    5. Greenlit action platformer No Time to Explain out now on Steam
    6. Persona 4 Golden dated next month in Europe
    7. Resident Evil 6 PC will feature the exclusive The Mercenaries: No Mercy mode
    8. When is DayZ Standalone out? "We don't know"
    9. Cart Life: "The only thing that changed was me"
    10. Hypnotic Hotline Miami soundtrack on sale, proceeds go to artists
    11. Funcom closing Beijing studio, laying off staff in Montreal and North Carolina
    12. Uncharted: Fight for Fortune review
    13. Origin goes open alpha on Mac today for "a few thousand" people
    14. NeoGeo X is not being discontinued. Only the Limited Edition with Ninja Masters is
    15. Nintendo using inferior 50Hz mode for European Wii U Virtual Console
    16. Sega and Relic and the whereabouts of the Warhammer 40,000 IP
    17. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon to include local multiplayer
    18. Capcom addresses why Resident Evil: Revelations isn't coming to Vita
    19. Knights of Pen & Paper review
    20. Logitech to discontinue console peripherals to focus on mobile
    21. Capcom stealthily releases a free Ghostbusters game on iOS
    1. The Last of Us demo comes with God of War: Ascension
    2. Web developer launches Indiegogo campaign to buy the Homeworld IP from THQ
    3. Total War: Shogun 2 Gold Edition sets sail for Europe in March
    4. Dead Island Riptide shows off first gameplay
    5. THQ is no more. This is where its assets went
    6. Cliff Bleszinski wants to return to triple-A gaming, probably at his own studio
    7. Earth Defence Force 2017 Portable review
    8. Apple's Gala Christmas: 48 million iPhones, 23 million iPads sold
    9. Strike Suit Zero review
    10. DmC sells less than half of what DMC4 did in Japan
    11. UK government fines Sony for 2011 PlayStation hack
    12. Battle of the Bulge review
    1. Microsoft's MSP conversion policy means Japanese XBLA devs get paid in relatively weak dollars
    2. Proteus set for Steam later this month
    3. Nintendo announces Zelda: Wind Waker HD re-make for Wii U, out this year
    4. Killer is Dead to feature yakuza riding tigers and 'Gigolo Mode'
    5. War of the Roses given a dose of Scottish mercenary medicine
    6. THQ auction rumours: Relic to Sega, Volition/Saints Row to Koch, South Park to Ubisoft
    7. Crysis 3 open beta for PC, PS3, Xbox 360 on 29th January
    8. Nintendo unveils Wii U Virtual Console
    9. Nintendo announces new Yoshi, Fire Emblem games for Wii U
    10. New 3D Mario and Mario Kart Wii U games at E3
    11. Dragon's Dogma expansion Dark Arisen out on 26th April
    12. The most popular games on Xbox Live in 2012 were...
    13. Alice dev American McGee backtracks on EA marketing slur
    14. Pirates in your browser: swashbuckling MMO Kartuga sets sail for beta
    15. Eight student stunners shortlisted for Independent Games Festival 2013
    16. Teleglitch review
    17. Demo showdown: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
    18. Quantic Dream registers domain for
    19. Where Lovecraft and Minecraft meet
    20. Firefall's first entirely public beta set to launch this weekend
    21. Surface with Windows 8 Pro dated for North America next month
    1. DmC gets vintage Dante and other skins as DLC
    2. Sonic-inspired platformer Freedom Planet has quintupled its Kickstarter goal in a week
    3. Papercraft shark game Derrick the Deathfin surfaces on PC and Mac
    4. Divekick is coming to PS3, Vita and PC this spring
    5. Flashback Origins revealed as an HD remake
    6. Resident Evil: Revelations finally announced for PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360
    7. The Cave review
    8. The Last of Us Special Edition comes in Joel and Ellie versions
    9. ShootMania Storm release date delayed until April
    10. Guild Wars 2 Flame & Frost: Prelude update 28th January
    11. BioShock Infinite prequel e-book announced for Amazon Kindle
    12. Stunning Elder Scrolls Online cinematic sets the three-way battle scene
    13. Gears of War: Judgement includes download of original GOW
    14. Hilco buys HMV's debt and takes control
    15. Gas Powered Games had "multiple" projects canned last minute by publishers
    16. The wrong person leads Microsoft, claims former exec in new book
    17. Terminally-delayed Scott Pilgrim multiplayer DLC spotted
    18. Mass Effect 3 players can unlock Shepard's armour in Dead Space 3
    19. 3DS strategy RPG Project X Zone arriving this summer
    20. Dead Space 3 includes micro-transactions for buying better weapons
    21. Dead Space 3 dev: "change is always scary"
    22. Do you suffer from StarCraft 2 ladder anxiety? Blizzard hopes Heart of the Swarm will help you beat it
    23. Blizzard "actively working" on Blizzard All-Stars, so what's the hold up?
    1. Tekken Card Tournament fuses real cards with gaming across tablets, smartphones and browser
    2. Sony: "Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?"
    3. Bungie helps a boy find his smile again
    4. Dave Brevik doesn't see a problem with Marvel Heroes' £130 Ultimate Pack - he's spent over $1000 on League of Legends already
    5. Eurogamer meets Jonathan Ross
    6. Designer who rebranded Microsoft in his spare time hired to work in Xbox division
    7. HMV to resume trading in gift vouchers
    8. Temple Run 2 review
    9. Blizzard's Rob Pardo comes to Jay Wilson's defence as Diablo 3 forum turns sour
    10. Tomb Raider multiplayer counts for a quarter of game's Achievements
    11. Film and music companies pitching in to rescue HMV
    12. Syndicate studio developing Storm, a new sci-fi shooter IP
    13. Too Human and associated content pulled from Xbox marketplace
    14. Asteroids and Pong maker Atari files for bankruptcy
    15. Blockbuster administrators closing 160 stores
    16. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon - the Mushroom Kingdom Metroidvania
    1. The Digital Foundry budget graphics card upgrade guide
    2. Bioshock 2 - Minerva's Den retrospective
    1. This week on Outside Xbox
    2. Saturday Soapbox: The (first) DLC generation
    3. Gas Powered Games suffering layoffs shortly after launching the Wildman Kickstarter
    4. Sony is selling its American headquarters for $1.1 billion
    1. Kojima originally wanted Revengeance to star Gray Fox
    2. Microsoft's US store giving away 1600 MS points for pre-orders on GTA5, BioShock Infinite, Revengeance and more
    3. Revengeance trailer shows off several boss fights
    4. Cello Fortress is a video game/performance piece hybrid controlled by an actual cello
    5. Antichamber coming to Steam this month
    6. Writer's Guild of America nominates 007 Legends, neglects The Walking Dead
    7. Metro: Last Light removed from GameStop Impulse because of "uncertainty of delivery"
    8. Milestone picks up MotoGP licence
    9. Modders building Warcraft RTS in StarCraft 2
    10. SimCity beta lets you play a one-hour slice of the game multiple times
    11. Sony to drop DualShock for the next PlayStation - report
    12. Minecraft: The Story of Mojang review
    13. Martin Pezlar: "Now I finally believe we are free"
    14. Survarium, from the former developers of Stalker, goes into open beta at the end of 2013
    15. First Hitman: HD Trilogy screenshots show off new threads
    16. Hundreds review
    17. HMV: What now?
    18. Wildman in action as Gas Powered Games demos new game in video
    19. Codemasters confirms job losses, but doesn't expect Grid 2 and F1 series will be affected
    20. Need for Speed: Most Wanted Wii U release date announced
    21. Curt Schilling selling his bloody-sock baseball relic to pay for Amalur foray
    22. Crystal Dynamics confirms no Tomb Raider demo, no Online or Season Pass
    23. GAME wants to buy up to 45 HMV stores
    24. Ni no Kuni live stream from 5pm GMT / 6pm CET
    25. New QPR striker Remy sealed the deal by playing FIFA 12 with chairman
    26. Legend of Grimrock dev hails sales success, teases new project
    27. Left 4 Dead 2 Workshop goes live
    28. Hello Steam Guides
    29. Suda51 reveals new Killer is Dead details
    30. Diablo 3 game director Jay Wilson leaves project to work on something new at Blizzard
    31. Tokyo Crash Mobs review
    32. US bill attempts to make video game age ratings legally binding
    33. Far Cry 3's Deluxe Bundle contains all the game's pre-order DLC for £7.99
    34. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed to get Team Fortress 2 characters on PC
    1. Dustforce dev details its upcoming FPS Spire
    2. DayZ's Dean Hall: "I am angry about the The War Z"
    3. PlayStation All-Stars' Gravity Rush and Starhawk DLC dated next month
    4. Just Add Water asks fans what Oddworld game they'd like to see next
    5. Trials Evolution: Gold Edition crashes into PC in March
    6. Splinter Cell: Blacklist delayed to August 2013
    7. Star Wars 1313 will release on PlayStation 3 this year, Sony Facebook page says
    8. Dead or Alive 5+ Vita out at the end of March, has Cross-Play, Cross-Save and runs at 60fps
    9. Razer Sabertooth review
    10. Disney Infinity's starter pack will cost $75
    11. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate release date, demo announced
    12. Borderlands 2: Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt review
    13. Microsoft will switch off Halo 2 PC multiplayer next month
    14. Tory MP accuses HMV of theft after it makes £100m-worth of vouchers worthless
    15. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch review
    16. Kevin Butler actor settles with Sony over Bridgestone tyre ad
    17. Aliens: Colonial Marines coming later on Wii U
    18. Is this our first hint at the Gran Turismo 6 track list?
    19. You weren't the only one confused by Tomb Raider's multiplayer
    20. Skype will replace Xbox Live chat - report
    21. Obama spends $10 million to research link between video games and violence
    22. Apple ups the NRA's shooting game age rating to 12+
    23. Capcom to tweak Resident Evil 6 again via upcoming patch
    24. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on Wii U supports USB keyboards
    25. Rockstar reveals final Max Payne 3 DLC pack
    26. Temple Run 2 is out today for free
    27. Epic Mickey 2's sales were less than epic
    1. Moderately misleading Wii U ad removed
    2. Fallout TV show in the works - rumour
    3. Angry grandfather walks out of HMV with three games after staff refuse to accept gift voucher
    4. Disney Infinity is a hugely ambitious multi-console, multi-game Skylanders-type thing
    5. Gearbox issues Borderlands 2 compatibility pack error advice
    6. Jet Set Radio Vita free on Vita this week for Plus subscribers
    7. Blockbuster UK to enter administration, will honour gift cards and trade-in credit
    8. Switching regions on your Xbox Live account to get a whole lot easier
    9. Microsoft continues Xbox 360 free-to-play experiments with new Full House Poker game
    10. 2D battler Final Fantasy: All The Bravest launches tomorrow
    11. City of Horror review
    12. After months of silence, Persona 4 Arena nears release in Europe
    13. taken offline
    14. Valve to discuss Team Fortress 2 Virtual Reality goggles port at GDC
    15. Get a free game every week on PlayStation Mobile
    16. Microsoft pumps Xbox game names onto Windows Surface
    17. Former AMD employees accused of stealing secrets for Nvidia
    18. Nintendo plans merge of handheld and console teams in historic shake-up
    19. Full length Catzilla graphics benchmark video has to be seen to be believed
    20. Deadpool and the challenge of making a comedy brawler
    21. Club Nintendo rewards don't register if purchased on Wii U while in Wii mode
    22. Behold the amazing unlicensed Chinese World of Warcraft amusement park
    1. Injustice: Gods Among Us release date 19th April
    2. Games of 2012: Risk Legacy
    3. A new batch of games has been accepted on Steam Greenlight
    4. DmC Devil May Cry stocked at HMV and online orders safe, Capcom reassures
    5. Original DMC creator a fan of the reboot
    6. DmC Devil May Cry live stream today
    7. After blaming video games for school massacres, the NRA has made an iOS shooting game
    8. Monkey Island creator announces The Cave release date
    9. Guild Wars 2 sales are over 3 million
    10. BioShock Infinite minimum PC specs, DirectX 11 support detailed
    11. Revengeance demo due next week
    12. DayZ creator Dean Hall feels "huge relief" as jailed ArmA 3 devs are finally given bail
    13. Face-Off: DmC Devil May Cry
    14. Inside Monaco, the first big indie hit of 2013
    15. British short film writer lands Assassin's Creed movie job
    16. PlayStation Store patch should speed navigation
    17. HMV: "We don't see this as the final chapter"
    18. HMV prepared to go into administration as early as tomorrow
    19. HMV will no longer accept gift vouchers
    20. Supreme Commander dev Gas Powered Games announces Wildman
    1. Monkey Island's insult swordfighting now playable for free in your browser
    2. Ultimate Far Cry and Splinter Cell compilations spotted at GAME
    3. More romance in BioWare games or less? Writer discusses
    4. iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 due just five months after predecessors - report
    5. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge review
    6. Wordament review
    7. Editor's blog: Bringing back mobile and tablet game reviews
    8. Resident Evil: Revelations Xbox 360 port spotted again as Achievements list leaks
    9. Screenshots of Dishonored dev's Half-Life 2: Episode 4 Return to Ravenholm emerge
    10. UK chart: Anarchy Reigns enters in 16th
    11. PS3-exclusive FPS Dust 514 goes into open beta on 22nd January
    12. Blizzard explains how Diablo 3 dueling works in patch 1.0.7 preview
    13. Ubisoft trademarks Killing Day, the FPS it announced in 2005
    14. Mutant Mudds, Dementium dev making a first-person shooter for Nintendo eShop
    1. Kindle Fire HD review
    2. Blaster retrospective
    1. This week on Outside Xbox
    2. Hard Choices
    1. It's not a Velocity sequel, it's a native HD rework for Vita
    2. UK university to investigate whether Kinect can help stroke victims
    3. The Secret World has Christmas success after sub-drop
    4. LittleBigPlanet 2: Extras Edition announced, out soon
    5. There's a Tomb Raider-themed Xbox 360 controller inspired by Lara's tourniquets and axe
    6. Trends of 2013: The golden tail
    7. App of the Day: Hairy Tales
    8. Live action Sonic fan film gets thumbs up from Yuji Naka
    9. Australia's first 18-rated game is...
    10. The developer behind Activision's first-person Walking Dead game says don't judge it on old footage
    11. What does Microsoft's cloud-powered future mean for physical media?
    12. Secret Witcher 3 message in lavish new Cyberpunk 2077 CGI video
    13. Heavy Rain, Beyond chief David Cage declares: "sequels kill creativity and innovation"
    14. Capcom Arcade Cabinet: Retro Game Collection revealed
    15. Cross-platform turn-based strategy game Skulls of the Shogun out this month
    16. Nintendo hails Wii U sales success in the US
    17. Halo 4 dev laments "missteps", will "do much better next time"
    1. Minecraft XBLA outsold Minecraft PC in 2012
    2. As Valve confirms the Steam Box, Microsoft's Phil Harrison issues a warning
    3. Release date for Activision's The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct
    4. Microsoft announces Lift London, a new developer focused on cloud games for tablets, mobiles and TVs
    5. Brian Fargo talks about inXile's new Torment RPG
    6. App of the Day: Joe Danger Touch
    7. Trends of 2013: Rise of the indies
    8. BioWare's "increasingly toxic" forum repels Dragon Age writer David Gaider
    9. Tiger Woods set to swing with new ladies mode in PGA Tour 14
    10. GT Academy TV series debuts on ITV4 next month
    11. Gears of War: The Board Game review
    12. Portal fan film director to helm big-screen Y: The Last Man project
    13. Dead Rising dev making Capcom's "next big game" - and it doesn't have zombies
    14. Peripheral projected illusions: Microsoft demos IllumiRoom Kinect idea in video
    15. The Walking Dead dev offers season pass to those with 4GB Xbox 360 issues
    1. American McGee's Akaneiro: Demon Hunters enters open beta
    2. Trends of 2013: The real meets the virtual
    3. Trends of 2013: The last console generation
    4. What a year Kickstarter had in 2012
    5. Devil May Cry Bloody Palace mode comes with post-launch title update
    6. Fantasy MMO Tera goes free-to-play nine months after launch
    7. App of the Day: Super Ox Wars
    8. Nintendo: handheld consoles remain focus for Pokémon RPGs
    9. F2P action RPG MMO Marvel Heroes out spring 2013 on PC
    10. Shaquille O'Neal stars in mobile zombie basketball-'em-up ShaqDown
    11. Fan-made My Little Pony fighting game in with a chance of making it to Evo 2013
    12. closing retail business in March
    13. App of the Day: Middle Manager of Justice
    14. Three Dog tweet sets tongues wagging on possible Fallout 4 announcement
    15. Play the Half-Life 1997 Alpha preview build, it's funny
    16. EVE Online, Dust 514 servers will merge tomorrow
    17. Razer Edge gaming tablet transforms into PC, console and mobile console
    18. Microsoft delighted with Xbox NUads, vows increased investment
    19. Windows 8 sales break 60 million in 10 weeks
    20. Developer reflects on release of iOS Lords of Midnight
    21. Sony's fighting to get back the wow factor, says Hirai
    22. Painkiller Hell & Damnation confirmed for console, out April
    23. Gabe Newell lays out Valve's Steam Box plans
    24. Might & Magic Clash of Heroes iOS release date
    25. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC lets you play as a zombie
    1. Hirai talks Vita sales and Nvidia's new portable, Project Shield
    2. Anarchy Reigns review
    3. New Remember Me trailer has a Dontnod to Street Fighter
    4. This is how the Tomb Raider multiplayer mode looks
    5. Ni No Kuni delayed a week, Namco Bandai apologises with free downloadable Draggle familiar
    6. Assassin's Creed 3 multiplayer DLC now available
    7. GameStop sold 320,000 Wii U consoles in six weeks
    8. Free XCOM: Enemy Unknown Second Wave DLC makes it even harder
    9. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 dev says “no chance” of Wii U version
    10. Is this Xi3 computer called Piston Valve's Steam Box?
    11. Nintendo announces major 3DS games Pokémon X and Y
    12. Sony hires Hanna writer for Shadow of the Colossus film
    13. Where is DayZ Standalone? Dean Hall answers
    14. EA eyes THQ's game IP as struggling publisher goes to auction
    15. Miner Wars 2081 review
    1. PS Plus God of War: Ascension multiplayer beta this week
    2. UK chart: Wii U exclusives absent from top 40 for third week running
    3. Guillermo del Toro talking to "one of the big ones" about picking up Insane
    4. Former LittleBigPlanet devs turn to Kickstarter for quirky strategy game Death Inc.
    5. Exploring the music of Fract OSC
    6. Bizarre Creations' last project revealed
    7. Rebooted Final Fantasy 14 beta details and glamorous new video
    8. EA lacks "business drive" to put Crysis 3 on Wii U
    9. The Walking Dead sells by the morgue-load
    10. Nintendo mulls free-to-play model for new franchises
    11. Project Shield: Nvidia's Android-based portable that streams PC games
    12. Primordia review
    1. Archos GamePad review
    2. Alpha Protocol retrospective
    1. New Super Mario Bros. U - a whole new world?
    2. This week on Outside Xbox
    3. Made-Up Next-Gen Games of 2013
    4. Disney Japan's Winnie the Pooh browser game is too hard for children, everyone else
    5. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 coming to the west in March
    1. BioShock: Ultimate Rapture Edition combines first two games and DLC for $29.99
    2. American McGee's free-to-play Akaneiro: Demon Hunters already exists, but needs Kickstarter to be fully realised
    3. First beta event for sci-fi MMO Defiance
    4. App of the Day: PunchQuest
    5. App of the Day: The Snowman and the Snowdog
    6. GAME announces store lock-ins
    7. Mutant Mudds dev clarifies 3DS piracy comments, has 3DS games planned into 2014
    8. Eurogamer Reader Survey 2012: Thank You!
    9. The Interesting Sequels of 2013
    10. The deleted scenes of Deus Ex
    11. Second-hand Wii U consoles give access to old users' games - report
    12. James Bond games pulled from Steam and Activision's own web store
    13. Analysts doubt Sony will risk gamer backlash with anti-used game tech for PS4 as GameStop shares fall
    14. Age of Empires Online development ends, but game lives on
    15. Ex-Irrational and Harmonix devs' action RPG/RTS Dreadline takes to Kickstarter
    16. Dungeon Keeper-style game War for the Overworld funded
    1. Increpare's tripping balls simulator Slave of God is one hallucinative dose of WTF
    2. Mutant Mudds 2 confirmed by Renegade Kid
    3. Vlambeer releases free top-down mech game Techno King
    4. Canabalt and Solipskier devs' new puzzler Hundreds launches on iOS today
    5. GameStick is a two inch Android-based games console that plugs into your TV
    6. First-person action roguelike Low: Depths of Knossos debuts gameplay
    7. Need for Speed: Most Wanted on Wii U includes off-screen play
    8. Sony patents tech to block second-hand games
    9. Hands-on gameplay capture from DmC: Devil May Cry
    10. The Ship sequel changes course for Steam Greenlight Concepts after Kickstarter fails
    11. Actual New Games of 2013
    12. Microsoft buys media-streaming, home automation tech for Xbox
    13. New, final Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 release date announced
    14. This is what Activision's The Walking Dead FPS looks like
    15. Eurogamer Reader Survey 2012
    16. Videos of AWOL Kinect game Crimson Dragon, spiritual successor to Panzer Dragoon, emerge
    17. Jurassic Park mod would be impressive even without John Williams' score
    18. Connecticut organisation is offering $25 gift certificates to destroy violent video games
    19. First Tomb Raider multiplayer details revealed
    20. Black Knight Sword review
    1. Radio the Universe is one slick looking retro sci-fi action RPG
    2. Rhythm Doctor is a rad Rhythm Paradise-esque browser game
    3. Elite: Dangerous fully funded with 52 hours to go
    4. Pikmin 3 to bring back the "stress" of the original game
    5. Tomb Raider multiplayer mode confirmed, made by Deus Ex, Thief 4 studio
    6. Developers' Most Anticipated Games of 2013
    7. The War Z review
    8. Mutant Mudds dev concerned by potential Nintendo 3DS piracy
    9. Embattled The War Z producer promises to change his ways amid furore
    10. Blizzard ditches Diablo 3 Team Deathmatch as it battles with PvP
    11. EA to switch off FIFA 11 servers this month
    12. PS2: The Insiders' Story
    13. Game legend Ian Livingstone to be made CBE
    14. First Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 DLC Revolution leaked
    15. Torchlight 2 sells one million copies
    16. Retro City Rampage hits Xbox Live Arcade today
    17. XBLA hit Fez goes multiplatform in 2013
    1. Developers' Games of 2012