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Film and music companies pitching in to rescue HMV

It sounds like there are plenty of potential buyers.

Film and music companies don't want to see HMV go. They're reportedly prepared to lower the price of their goods as well as offer generous credit terms to prospective HMV buyers.

He's got mo money than he knows what to do with.

Universal Music, Warner Music and Sony were the companies named in The Sunday Times report (picked up online by MSN Money).

Apparently there are as many as 50 companies interested in HMV. Restructuring company Hilco, owner of HMV Canada, is said to be top of the pile. HMV chief executive Trevor Moore is "convinced" his company has a future.

HMV entered administration early last week. No store closures have been announced but I very much doubt all 223 shops will see administration through.

I delved into the HMV situation in a separate article in an effort to understand what happens now for one of the UK's key video game high street outlets.

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