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Firefall's first entirely public beta set to launch this weekend

No keys required for the first of three "stress tests."

Highly anticipated free-to-play FPS Firefall will be open to the general public - i.e. with no beta key required - for the first time this weekend as part of its first of three "stress tests" to see how well the servers handle being swarmed.

The first Stress Test will run from 25th January at 6pm GMT to 28th January 8am PST. The remaining two are planned for sometime in February and March.

Each Stress Test will be accompanied by a community unlock and exclusive contests to teach new players about the game. This first one will contain a video skillshot contest, where players are encouraged to record and submit an epic skillshot video for a chance to win some Firefall swag and Razer gear. There will also be a screencap contest to take a picutre of the most stylish skillshot, which will then be featured on the Firefall Facebook page. The community unlock will be an exclusive, customised Battleframe decal.

"After successfully completing a few controlled stress-tests late last year, we're excited to move into the next phase," said Red 5 Studios VP of development James Macauley. "This will be the first time that we've opened up Firefall's servers to everyone. We're really looking forward to gathering a bunch of new feedback and data that will help us build up to launch this year."

To commemorate this occasion, Red 5 has released the following trailer showing off the latest build of the game. Sign up for the beta weekend here.

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