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Firefall is dead

But there's a mobile version in the works, apparently.

Remember Firefall, Red 5's sci-fi shooter MMO? It's finally dead.

In a note on the Red 5 website, the company thanked players for their "loyalty and dedication to the online community".

The note also mentioned a mobile version of Firefall. Apparently players of the MMO will be "rewarded greatly in the new game".

Firefall's journey has been tumultuous. The game was announced in 2010 as a blend of first-person shooter and MMO. Eventually it went free-to-play, as so many MMOs do, but server and performance issues dogged the game. Layoffs followed, as well as the exit of CEO Mark Kern.

In May the development team said it was working on a PlayStation 4 version of the game, but there's no mention of this in the closure announcement statement. Perhaps that dream has also died.