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Chompston is a free mix of Pac-Man and Bomberman tied to music

Liable to eat up your weekend.

Chompston begins with a simple question: What if Pac-Man fought ghosts by laying bombs?

Mixing Namco's mascot with Bomberman is an already ace idea, but indie developer Contralogic spruced it up even more by adding a catchy rhythmic element to it where collecting pellets and other actions are tethered to the soundtrack.

"I made this to experiment with procedural level generation and musical gameplay, where all the sound effects are played in time and in key with the background soundtrack," wrote Contralogic on the game's official site.

It may sound easy, but things quickly get out of hand quickly as new enemy types are introduced. Purple foes can walk through bombs, red enemies will shoot fireballs at you, and green critters are fast.

Give it a shot, I reckon. "It's two great tastes that taste great together," as ol' H. B. Reese would say. You can download Chompston here or watch the trailer below to get a taste of the not-so-chompy fella in action.

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