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Dan Houser tries to sell lavish $10 million New York penthouse for sixth time in a year

It's Truman.

Rockstar Games boss Dan Houser bought writer Truman Capote's ridiculous three-storey New York penthouse in March 2012 for a colossal $12.5 million smackaroos.

That table is nice.

Less than a year later, he's trying to sell it. But not for the first time: for the sixth time. And it's gone down in price; now it's up for $10 million, reported the Daily Mail.

The flat (don't call it that are you mad) has five bedrooms, three bathrooms and 7000 feet scattered across the floor. I mean 7000 square feet of space.

The estate agents in charge tout the flat as having "glamour, drama, soaring ceilings, blinding light and glass". Heck, my flat has glass and drama.

The flat is decked out in a flash ultra-modern style. There's an "oversized chef's kitchen", a media room and a guest room with en-suite office.

The master bedroom has a wrap-around terrace and "an enormous" bath and his and her's sinks. There's loads of outside space on the roof.

The penthouse flat is located on 20 Greene Street in Manhattan's Soho area. Truman Capote apparently wrote Breakfast at Tiffany's while residing there.

The open house will be held on Sunday between 2pm and 3.30pm. Why not pop along?