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Rockstar boss buys Truman Capote's New York mansion

Houser sets real estate record for crime legend's pad.

Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser has bought the same Brooklyn mansion once inhabited by legendary true crime author Truman Capote for a staggering $12.5 million.

As reported by New York Observer, the house, located at 70 Willow Street in New York's Brooklyn Heights district, was home to the In Cold Blood author for 10 years.

The sale is thought to be the largest ever in Brooklyn, beating the previous record by 1.5 million.

Houser's new 9000 square foot pad boasts 18 rooms over three floors, 11 fireplaces and a showpiece spiral staircase.

The British émigré relocated to New York back in 1998 to get Rockstar off the ground with his brother Sam, Terry Donovan, Jamie King and Gary Foreman. The developer is currently hard at work on Grand Theft Auto 5.