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The Last of Us Special Edition comes in Joel and Ellie versions

Includes multiplayer boost from a Survival Pack.

The Last of Us will have two special editions: one for hero Joel and one for hero Ellie.

The difference appears to be pictures on packaging, on a PS3 controller skin and on a screen print effect poster.

The guff inside the special editions is wrapped in canvas wrap, which looks nice. That guff comprises a Last of Us mini artbook, a Last of Us mini comic, that poster and the Blu-ray game.

There's extra digital content on offer as well. There's a Survival Pack for the game that includes customisable items for multiplayer characters; additional in-game currency to buy customisable parts and other items that boost your power in multiplayer; some experience points to give you a head start; a melee attack booster to make you hit harder; and two extra skins for Joel and Ellie that unlock when you finish the single-player game.

You also get a dynamic PS3 theme that shows Joel and Ellie journeying through a destroyed city; the game's soundtrack in download form; and two PSN avatars of Joel and Ellie in winter survival gear.

Oh, and either an Ellie or Joel Sackboy costume depending on which edition you picked up.

The Ellie Edition is exclusive to GAME, and the Joel Edition is exclusive to Amazon and "independents".