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Bungie helps a boy find his smile again

Warning: this one's a tear-jerker.

Halo creator Bungie just made a boy's day - a five-year-old boy who spent nine hours in surgery having a liver transplant.

Bungie heard about the boy's - Brady's - plight on Reddit. His father had been posting there.

A lady from Bungie called Christine went to visit Brady at the Seattle Children's Hospital after his successful operation. With her she brought a card filled with best-wishes messages from the Bungie team, and a Halo t-shirt. She also brought a full-sized replica of Carter's helmet from Halo: Reach for Brady to keep.

"A few days after the transplant my son was in pain and annoyed with everything hospital related," wrote Brady's father "fiscal_" on Reddit.

"I wanted to try and cheer him up and I remembered hearing about Bungie's charity. I reached out to this subreddit for contact info. The children's hospital is pretty close to Bungie's studio and my son loves Halo, so I figured it was a good fit to get him smiling again. With the help of some redditors, Bungie contacted me and we got to meet Christine.

"My family can't thank Bungie enough," he later added. "I know that they have had a huge impact on how well my son has been recovering after his surgery."

There are some annotated pictures of Bungie's visit on Tumblr. Warning: it's touching stuff. You did good, Bungie, you did good.

PS: "Those that are concerned about kids playing an M-rated game: he doesn't playyy [sic] like you or I would sit and play. He doesn't just hop on multiplayer with a headset and microphone or just start playing the campaign. I'll sit down and play a part of the campaign with him, or mom will join us for our own multiplayer game," explained the father.

"He likes the idea of Halo more than playing Halo. His interest has transcended the games, he would rather battle it out with his Halo action figures, anyway. The Spartan storyline just gets his imagination going, it's wonderful."

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