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Pacotti releases improved version of Cell: emergence as disease sim hits Steam Greenlight

Now challenging rather than mystifying.

Sheldon Pacotti has released an improved version of biological simulation Cell: emergence he hopes will demystify the "massively reactive" game mechanics.

The new version "addresses the main weakness of the original releaser" Pacotti, who was the principal writer of the original Deus Ex series before founding his own indie studio, New Life Interactive, told Eurogamer.

It includes a series of visual tutorial screens to combat the original version's "weak" tutorial and steep difficulty curve. "The difficulty curve remains steep, but for most players it should now be challenging rather than mystifying," Pacotti said.

The new tutorial screens include terminology needed to understand the simulation and explain the HUD. You'll still have to face surprising organic reactions within the game world, but you can now focus on finding a cure for the heroine's disease rather than deciphering the entire field of nanomedicine, Pacotti said.

Cell: emergence version 1.1 released today on Xbox Live Indie Games and is also available on PC. From 29th Jan to 4th Feb both versions are on sale ($.99 at Desura and 80 Microsoft Points at XBLIG).

Pacotti has also submitted Cell: emergence to Steam Greenlight, where he hopes gamers will download the game for a dollar and vote on it.

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