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Survarium, from the former developers of Stalker, goes into open beta at the end of 2013

Alpha version nearing release.

Survarium, the free-to-play PC MMOFPS from former developers of the Stalker series, goes into open beta at the end of 2013.

Developer Vostok Games, founded in March 2012 after Stalker developer GSC Game World shut down, today published a development timeline for Survarium, considered the spiritual successor to the Stalker series.

The beta version, 0.5, will be released at some point during the fourth quarter of 2013. "Most likely" it will be an open beta, Vostok said, "but in case of huge influx of new players we could temporarily hold up the admission of new players to ensure the increased server capacities, so as not to spoil the fun for those who already got the game access and have pulled through the alpha test crucible with us."

Included in the beta version will be a clan upgrades system and an in-game auction to allow for players to trade.

Vostok will continue to add new features, including new maps, factions and maps, after the release of the beta. PVE and Freeplay modes will arrive with version 0.8, planned for release either Q2 or Q3 2014.

More immediately, the alpha version of the game will release Q2 this year. Vostok will invite players to help it test the game in this state. Expect working PVP, four game maps, two factions and an in-game system of tasks.

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