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Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut shows off its newly enhanced gameplay

UPDATE: Will likely come to EU a week ahead of NA in late April. Adds mini-map, smoother controls, still features awkward, blocky graphics.

Update: Rising Star issued the following update regarding the releases date:

"We are looking at last week in April for North America with the probability of Europe a week before!"

"I would still need to get confirmation on Europe…but we are set in the US for end of April."

Original story: Three new videos have emerged showing off gameplay of the enhanced PS3-exclusive Director's Cut of Swery's cult classic, Deadly Premonition.

Exclusive to GameTrailers, the new footage shows off the intro movie, combat footage from the tutorial, and some scenes early in the game where protagonist Francis York Morgan drives around talking to his possibly imaginary friend Zack and unsuccessfully tries to endear himself to the local law enforcement. He also enjoys a biscuit. And I mean really enjoys a biscuit.

For better or worse, not much has changed this time around. The graphics may be a touch sharper, but the flat textures and hilariously asynchronous animations are as offbeat and bewildering as ever, while some of the core mechanics have been tightened up. You now have a mini-map, for one (thank god!), and the camera can be manually controlled all the time, so you no longer get those curiously out of place early Resident Evil-style overhead shots when York goes down a stairwell. York also no longer aims like he has a hangover with the sun in his eyes.

Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut is due for PS3 on 30th April in North America where it will cost $39.99, according to a recent report at Gematsu. Last we checked it only had a general March release window in Europe, but I've reached out to its publisher, Rising Star and will hopefully find out more soon.

My sentiments exactly, York.